2. We're brothers

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"Hey, Jin! I heard you got a brother now!" Namjoon said happily after running to catch up to me.

 We were on our way to school the day after Jungkook and his dad moved in. Namjoon had been my best friend our entire lives even though he was two years younger than me. We were still in the same grade because he was some kind of child prodigy who was allowed to skip ahead. Technically he was too young to even be going to school, but that just meant he'd have more of his young life free from it. Lucky bastard. 

"Yeah, I guess, but where did you hear that?" I asked. I'd never told him anything about it, mostly because I didn't know until the day before they arrived.

"My mom told me," he shrugged. "She met your new dad out by the mailbox this morning."

"He's not my dad," I correccted but Namjoon just dismissively waved his hand.

"Yeah, yeah. But how is your brother? Will he be going to our school?" he asked.

"He's like a little demon. Stealing my room and everything," I huffed angrily.

"Woah, really? How old is he?"

"Two. So no, he won't be going to our school for a while."

Namjoon hummed in understanding. 

"Five year gap, huh? That's tough, man. It might be hard for you two to connect." 

Namjoon was absolutely right. It had only been one day and I couldn't begin to comprehend what was going through Jungkook's head. That morning he'd jumped into my bed hugging me saying it was time to go to school. He'd even tried to follow me out the door but Mom stopped him. Then he started throwing a tantrum just because he wanted to come with me to school. I was already late so I just left my mom to take care of him. 

"Oh, Yoongi!" Namjoon called out and waved to the boy waiting for us by the school gates. 

He didn't even look up from his game when he waved back. Typical Yoongi. Acting like he doesn't care but there he is waiting for us every morning. He's one year younger than me and one year older than Namjoon. We live in a small neighborhood and the school doesn't have many students so we have a lot of classes together. Somehow we quickly became friends even though we don't have much in common. 

"You're late. As always," Yoongi says casually when we walk up to him. "How's living with your new brother?"

"You too? How does everyone know about this without me telling you?" I asked. Namjoon was understandable seeing as we lived just a block away from each other but Yoongi?

"Namjoon called me this morning and told me. He sounded really excited about it," Yoongi explained with a shrug. 

I gave Namjoon a mean look but he just laughed it off. 

"I dunno," I sigh. "He's a weird kid. One moment he's stealing all my stuff, refusing to talk to me and the next he begs me to kiss his cheek." 

They both gave me weird looks. 

"Don't ask. I told you he was weird."


The moment I opened the door to our house Jungkook came running and latched himself onto my legs. I stumbled back a bit from the impact but managed to regain my balance. 

"Jinnie-hyung!" he said and hugged my legs. Piglet was lying on the floor behind him. Maybe he was playing with him before I came. 

"Uh, hi," I answered awkwardly. 

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