Episode 1 - A Strong Enough Belief (Part 1)

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ROTBTD - The Big Four - OUAT AU

Disclaimer: This is purely fanfiction, I do not own any of the characters (Disney, Dreamworks, Guardians of Childhood book series by William Joyce, Arrietty, Fairytales and other characters from other stuff to come) nor the whole concept of Once Upon a Time.


Dedicated to the Big Four Fans who still believed.

Once Upon a Time: Convergence

Episode 1 - A Strong Enough Belief

Once Upon a Time...

Up above.

It was a full moon and it seemed like the kind that was pure and bright, watching over everything down below. It looked like the moon had a face of its own and, though it is a knowing look that shined back at the acres of wood in this part of an enchanted forest, it doesn't seem to give away anything else to help an observer understand. Not even when one would look up at it real hard.

Down below.

A crystal-like lake, smooth and reflecting the light of the moon.

A few cracks barely visible on the surface and then...

The shape of a boy, floating beneath it. His back was to the surface, head hung low with his chin to his chest, and his arms lifted at each side. He wore an unmistakable dark blue coat, with embroidered snowflake patterns on the cuffs and lapels, though a little torn from some fight not that long ago. His hair was white as the first sight of frost.

A glint.

There was a silver delicate chain around his neck, the end of which had a medallion, yet another snowflake, but one that used to belong to a young queen in a kingdom not far from the lake.

In the middle.

A queen dressed in light blue-the kind that glistened like the frozen fractals on the leaves and branches of trees and the very body of water itself-hurried to the edge of the lake. Unbothered by the howling winds and the sharp coldness that came with it, she ran in search for something, eyes trained to anything beneath the surface.

The sound of a sled and of hooves behind her.

"Did you find him?"

"I'm looking. I can't see him. I can't..." The queen's voice was riddled with fear. Eyes widened this time. She scrambled over to a particular spot in the frozen lake and fell to her knees. "Here! He's here!"

She pressed her hands on the surface. Rammed her fist. Then, with shaking hands, tried to make the ice melt and go away with a sparkle in her fingertips. It seemed to only make the ice thicker.

She pulled her hands back so quickly she fell to her back, just as five other people approached her. Her sister ran to hold her, while the burly blonde fiancé, a thin boy with the armor of a Viking, and a girl with fiery red hair carried pickaxes and already started hitting at the ice. Another girl, one with long, golden hair braided behind her, went to hold the queen's hand. Her hand was warm against the queen's cold. The queen never used to shiver due to the cold, but she'd been shivering and both her sister and the girl kept her still. It was a warm gesture, one coupled with a look of determination given to the worry in the queen's face.

"It has to be you, Elsa," the girl with golden hair said.

Elsa nodded, still a little shaky but knowing full well of her role in this rescue. It was no use saying that she didn't think she could, or that she might just make it worse by trying. She just couldn't risk losing him by doing nothing.

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