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Jelsa/The Big Six in College (Book 2) by jelsalover14
Jelsa/The Big Six in College ( Jelsalover14
*SEQUEL TO JELSA/THE BIG SIX IN HIGH SCHOOL (BOOK 1)* Elsa Arens and Jack Frost have both lost their memories. Elsa only remembers a white hair boy named Jack and Ja...
Disney High by happydancingcupcakes
Disney Highby Leslie
What if, your favorite Disney c haracters weren't princesses or magical creatures? but instead normal high school students. Dealing with drama and problems of everyday l...
The Moon's Child by library-life
The Moon's Childby library-life
Two years after the rise of Pitch, Manny chooses four new guardians, and Jack, to defeat the boogeyman. Unbeknownst to the others, one of the four new guardians is the...
Game On (A Jelsa Book) by Lilicey
Game On (A Jelsa Book)by ZHIEND
When jack moves down to new York he is worried about how he was going to fit in. He was the popular boy in his former school and now in this new school, he wants to also...
The Big Eight In Highschool by seaofserendipity
The Big Eight In Highschoolby YOLO YOLO YOLO YO YOLO YOLO YO
Elsa and her sister, Anna, moved from Arendelle to a place called Burgress, Pennsylvania to live with their aunt Primrose, and their cousin, Rapunzel, and their friend...
The Big Four Spies In High School by nanni2712
The Big Four Spies In High Schoolby ♡Heiress At Heart♡
[COMPLETED] Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Merida are undercover spies in highschool. But so are Jack, Kristoff, Eugene, and Hiccup. Their agencies are enemies. But somethi...
Beware Her Frozen Heart || Jelsa Highschool Fanfiction by chocoqueen101
Beware Her Frozen Heart || Jelsa 🍫CHOCO🍫
~Beware Her Frozen Heart~ ||A Big Eight Jelsa Fanfic|| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Conceal. Don't feel. Put on a show. Make one wrong move and everyone will know...
Married to Frost  by tinytoes03
Married to Frost by Tinytoes
Elsa is your normal smart college girl. Her boyfriend, Hiccup, and her have a strong relationship. Her bestfreind, Merida, is the same thing. It was perfect for Elsa unt...
Jelsa in highschool by bigheadedbob749
Jelsa in highschoolby bigheadedbob749
Jack Frost meets a very different girl. The only girl who wouldn't fall for him. Will he achieve his goal of being her boyfriend?
Do We Look Like Criminals [Major Editing] by _1047words_
Do We Look Like Criminals [Major 1047
Do We Look Like Criminals? Hm, good question. I couldn't tell you though. Call it cliche, but we're all or own version of heroes. We all are our own version of miracles...
the island trip ( a jelsa fanfic) by Queen-Mendes
the island trip ( a jelsa fanfic)by -Hannah
How do you feel if you survive from a storm in the ocean but turns out that you are on an island with the person you hate the most! well that is the situation of Elsa Wi...
How To Train A Princess (Mericcup) by UnderDarkness
How To Train A Princess (Mericcup)by Skye Lee White
Whats harder than training a dragon that would be training a princess. Expecially A Scottish Princess. When Merida has to become queen her mother decides to pick her own...
Mericcup : Till the end by Smartiegirl300
Mericcup : Till the endby Smartiegirl400
The ship between Merida and Hiccup, taking place in their worlds. Merida doesn't want to get married, so what does she do, runs away. Hiccup doesn't understand his fathe...
Our President Is My Maid by Lilicey
Our President Is My Maidby ZHIEND
Elsa is the new school president and she decides to make the school to be on top of it's game and makes some changes to the rules. She is strict with every body especial...
The Little Four: A Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons Story by AlissaDonkers
The Little Four: A Rise of the Alissa Donkers
Rapunzel died in a fire, and awoke to the awful truth. Jack defeated Pitch, but he still doesn't fit in with the other guardians. Hiccup died saving his village, unsur...
The Big Five by Jiwooalice
The Big Fiveby JTPH
The moon chose new guardians to defeat pitch... What will happen next? Click 'Start Reading' to find out!
Shatter Me || Jelsa Highschool Fanfiction by chocoqueen101
Shatter Me || Jelsa Highschool 🍫CHOCO🍫
Shatter Me || Jelsa Highschool Fanfiction --------------- "Shatter me," I whispered, gritting my teeth. "W-What?" He stammered. I walked up to him...
Drama ( The Big Five- Highschool ) by _TheBigFive_
Drama ( The Big Five- Highschool )by Morgan Rae
Elsa Queens is new to Disney DreamWorks High. On her first day, she meets someone called Jackson Overland Frost, along with his friends; The Big Four. What will happen i...
Guardians Unite by EmmaSwanXOX
Guardians Uniteby J.E. Kay-Valdez-Jackson-Petra...
1 month after his friends went missing, Jack finds them but they don't remember him. Everything is backwards and he has to bring them back to reality. Will he be able t...
Nice Guys Finish Last {Jelsa and 'The Big Five' fanfic} by downworlderss
Nice Guys Finish Last {Jelsa and ' Teresa Valiant
Elsa Arendelle. The newbie to 'Guardian High School for Gifted Students'. She has some anxiety issues, an obsession with chocolate, a reputation for being every boys 'Ju...