Episode 2 - The Archer and the Viking (Part 2)

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Episode 2 (Part 2)

Disclaimer: Since it is purely fanfiction, I do not own any of the characters (Disney, Dreamworks, Guardians of Childhood book series by William Joyce, Fairytales and other characters from other stuff to come) nor the whole concept of Once Upon a Time.


"Hey Jack! Cool! I ran into you!"

Jamie approached Jack in the town's small public library, Sandy's library. The one time in that week Jack had decided to loiter in the library, the one kid whose principal father practically threatened Jack not to hang out with decided to find him. Again. This wasn't the first time he 'ran into' Jack this week.

"Yeah, real cool. Keep it down, we're in a library," Jack said, even though there was nobody else around and he wasn't actually reading anything. He was actually just scrolling absently through his phone, liking memes and videos about people doing elaborate backflips. Sandy's library's got really good Wi-Fi.

Right on cue, Sandy smiled from behind the counter and tapped at an embroidered sign that said 'Reading Time is Quiet Time' which he bought from Etsy. The lettering was in gold, just like most of Sandy's decorations and furniture in the library.

"Oh. Sorry," Jamie said sheepishly.

"For real, are you following me?"

"No. I came here to return these." He'd placed three hardcover books onto the counter and bunched his cheeks up as he smiled, a look of total innocence. There was a book about Vikings, another about Scottish highlands and clans, and the final was about dragons. Jack couldn't help remembering the conversation with Hugo about his dragon sketch as he picked up the book. They didn't seem to be interrelated topics.


"I'm doing research."

"I see."

This probably also had something to do with comparing Hugo with the Viking in his fairytale book the other day; Jack was sure but somehow knew better than to point it out. Every now and then he'd mention something about Jack Frost, in Jack's case, and the Viking in the story...what did he call it? Hector, was it? He didn't really understand Jamie's game and his interests, maybe it was his version of Dungeons and Dragons or maybe Pitchener wouldn't allow internet privileges. It didn't matter. In all fairness, he didn't really know the kid so he shouldn't be quick to judge nor should he feel obligated to stick around and be buddy-buddy with him. Jack St. North doesn't really hang out too much with anyone to begin with. He was invisible but was used to it. The last thing he needed was for people like Pitchener calling him a bad influence when he was, really, just minding his own business. Still, that was rude and Jack hated being made to feel like he was nothing directly.

Sandy took in the books, touching his lips and pointing his hand in a sign of thanks before gesturing at the rest of the library.

"That's alright. I have a big test tomorrow and my dad doesn't want me to do any recreational reading until it's done," Jamie said, unshouldering his backpack and already walking over to where Jack was near the counter.

Jack was seated in his favorite spot. There were two comfy armchairs beneath the window and a small coffee table where Jack wasn't supposed to place his feet on. Sometimes Jack liked to sit around and chat with Sandy in the library during afternoons since he wasn't interested in extra-curricular activities, and occasionally if he happened to skip a class he couldn't stand. Sandy didn't really give him too hard a time about it, though he'd eventually have to think up a better explanation to Nicholas. There would always be tea with a little honey for Sandy and some hot cocoa for him, and sugar cookies from a small pantry out back. In a way, the library was a like a sanctuary where Jack could go whenever he gets tired of wandering—since he liked to wander around town and into the woods surrounding it.

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