Bad things always happen to good kids PART 4

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Sorrryy people (Even though there is hardly anyone reading this) This is going to be short because i want to go watch friends >:) Hope you enjoy ;D


I get clumsily to my feet 

"Who are you?" I ask "Please don't hurt me.. Don't worry i'll move" I turn to stumble

away when he grabs my arm. "No don't leave" He says his smile growing wider

"I want you to stay. Whats your name?"

"I...I...Im Lisa" Im suprised by the way hes acting. 

"Beautiful name.. My names Liam." 

"Liam" I say to myself "What are you doing living out here on the street"

"I was going to ask you the same thing" he says. "When i lived at home my parents 

used to beat me. They did all sorts of things to torture me and noone seemed to


I called the police on them once but they didn't believe me when they came round to

check what was going on. My parents acted like they were shocked at why i said 

such a thing and my mother even started crying. It was all one big act but the police

bought every word of it. They cautioned me for wasting the police officers time and 

left. That night was the worse night of my life. My parents even set an iron on me"

He sat down and began to cry. I still wasnt so sure about him but i went and put

my arm round him.

"Go on.." I said

He was still crying but managed to blurt out "after hours of suffering i packed my

bags and managed to slip out of the house. I ran and ran until i found a small alley 

way which i decided to stay for the night. I was so scared of my parents finding me 

that i kept on walking the next day for hours and hours until i found this place" He 

gestured towards the tunnel behind him "I've been living on the streets since i was 

ten. Been 'ere for around 7 years now" He said

"So your 17?" I ask

He laughs and looks at me. "Kid you do the maths" 

I look at him with a straight face which makes him laugh more. Well atleast he 

wasn't crying anymore.

"What about you.. Lisa? Why are you out here?"

"My parents argue so much and i don't like it. They've even started getting violent

towards eachother." I say

"Do they hit you?"

I look at him. "No why?"

"Then count yourself lucky kid." He sat down and pulled out a cigarette from his 

pocket. "Want one?"

"No thanks.. I gave up" I lie

"Haha sure" He says. "Well im gunna settle down for the night now, you can stay

here with me if you don't wanna get hurt"

Thats a good idea. I'd rather stay with him than getting attacked.


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