Bad things always happen to good kids PART 2

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I wake up with a start. I can hear noises coming from downstairs. I sneak into my brothers room

"Nick.. NICK"

"Whats up lisa?" He groans turning to look at me

"I think theres someone downstairs"

He sighs and heaves himself off the bed. 

"Lets go have a look then"

We head downstairs but almost immediately i wish we didnt. Mum was sitting on the couch kissing a man, that wasnt dad! I gasp and sit down head in hands. 

"You whore" I hear Nick shout

Mum stands up looking shocked. 

"Kids what are you doing up! Nick dont call me a whore!"

"You complete and utter hypocrite!" He shouts "How could you do this? After all the pain and suffering we went through with dad! Your just as bad as each other! Look at poor Lisa shes petrified."

"Its not what it looks like" mumbles mum

"Thats everyones bloody excuse! Who the hell is this guy? Looks like an old dirty pervert if you ask me" Nick rants

"This is Harry, my friend from work. Hes not a pervert hes a lovely man. I rang him and told him about your dad and he came round to see how i was. Then one thing lead to another..."

"Shut the hell up you slag. How could you do this to your family" Nick screams

"Don't talk to your mother like that boy, Jerry did it to her and she deserves a real man in her life. Don't you babe" Says this Harry bloke. The way he was looking at her made me feel sick

"Don't tell me what to do!" Nick growls.

"I do what i like son. Your mum seems to want me more than your father. Hes getting old anyway. Will be six feet under soon. Then me and your mum can live in peace."

Nick flies at him. Punching and kicking him. Mum is screaming, im crying, Nicks pounding and Harrys struggling. I look at my family and decide i can't take it anymore. I run upstairs and start to pack a bag. Im going to run away from home. 


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