Bad things always happen to good kids PART 5

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I lay awake, trying to figure out what im going to do in the morning. This boy may seem

fine but in the morning he could turn into some vicious rapist or murderer. His story

did seem genuine though. Poor guy. I would hate to have parents that beat me. It

would be so upsetting. I try to get asleep but its so unbelievably cold that i have

to hug Liam to stay alive. Not that i fancy him or anything, i just wanted to steal his 

body heat. Its weird though, hes been living out in the open for 7 years and hes so 

well groomed. He has light blonde hair, deep brown eyes and a body to die for. 

Not that i've seen that many male bodies in my small life!!


I wake up shivering. Its still dark out but Liam is already up gathering sticks and leafs.

"What are you doing up so early" I call over to him

"This isnt what i would call early. I usually get up an hour or two before this" He says,

looking at the rolex on his wrist. 

"How did you get that?" I ask suspiciously 

He hesitated for a minute. "Found it" He mumbles looking in the other direction.

Theres something fishy going on here. I just cant quite put my finger on it.

"Whats the time then?" I ask

"Seven AM, had a bit of a lay in today" 

"SEVEN?!" I ask appalled "Im used to getting up at midday, any earlier than that is

not what i call a lay in"

He put his face close to mine. Even his breath smelt fresh. "Thats because your lazy"

He says grinning at me.

I stuck my tounge out at him. Me? Lazy? Im no such thing. 

"Hungry?" He says as he drags a pig carcass from the bush next to us.

I gawp at it. "Ewwwwww, that means that we have to like de-gut it and everything"

"No we don't. While you were busy sleeping i did all that for us"

"Why have you taken such a shine to me?" I ask

He looks at me. His eyes fill up with tears, but he brushes them away quickly.

"Because... us run away kids have got to stick together" He says quickly.

Whats wrong with this guy? Is he gone in the head or something? Why does he 

keep looking at me in a strange way. Im actually quite scared.

"Are you ready to go then" Says Liam after we finish our meal.

"Ready to go where" I ask

"You'll see" He says standing up and smiling "You'll see very soon"

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