Bad things always happen to good kids

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I can hear shouting downstairs. Dad has obviously just stumbled home from another night down at the pub.

"You make me sick Jerry! You think you can stay out all night and i will be fine with it? Well think again" I hear mum scream "Get out of my house and get out of my life!"

"Gladly" I hear him shout before the front door bangs.

I start to cry and call for my brother. He comes into my room half asleep

"Whats up Lisa? Why the hell are you crying?"

"Mums kicked dad out again" I say as he lifts me into his arms.

"Don't be such a baby Lisa. He deserves it the lazy git. All he does is sleep eat and take advantage of our family, one day hes going to end up doing one of us serious damage, now we don't want that do we? Good riddance is what i say"

He thinks this will make me feel better but i just feel like crying more. 

"Wait till your older Lisa then you'll understand" He puts me down on my bed and walks out my room shutting the door behind him

"Im old enough to understand" I call after him

My name is Lisa water. Stupid name i know. Im 10 years old and live south of London in a three bedroomed house. My brothers name is Nick, hes 17 and says would do anything to protect me. My mum and dad are always arguing and im sick of it. Dad cheated on mum a couple months back and since then my brother seems to hate him. I can see why dad did it though. Mums always nagging at him to do things and shes so paranoid its unreal. 

I can hear mum crying downstairs. I think about going downstairs and comforting her but i know i'll just get shouted at to go back to bed. I think i'll stay here its alot safer, per-sides i dont want to be down there when dad finally comes home and they start arguing again. 

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