Bad things always happen to good kids PART 3

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  • Dedicated to Anyone thats ever ran away from home

Why do bad things alway happen to me? I've never put a foot out of line in my life and

i try to do as much as i can for the environment. I shouldn't have bad karma as im only

10. I do very well in school, and even though other people call me a boffin i never fight

back or try to hurt them emotionally or physically. So all i need now is a fresh start. A

clean slate. No more parents, arguments or responsibilities. Maybe i can learn how to

fight and become a proper little street girl. Then noone will ever mess with me.


I grab as much as i can carry and open my window. Luckily underneath my window is a

little ledge that i can leap onto without getting hurt. I jump onto it and from that start

to lower myself down to the ground below. I fall awkwardly and hurt my ankle. I try not

to whimper incase they hear me inside, unlikely though as the argument inside seems

to be at its peak. I hope dad doesn't come home anytime soon. He will kill Harry and

beat mum. Im happy to leave the worries and troubles behind, but in some ways i

just want to climb back up into my window, grab Nick from downstairs and snuggle

up in his bedroom out of harms way. Nick? Oh no if i leave now i wont ever be able

to see him again. He will do his head in worrying about me. But is it worth going

back inside if im just going to be suffering everyday through my parents arguments?

No its not. I must keep on going. I will make up my mind in the morning where i

want to go and what i want to.

I start heading up my road. It all seems so different and eerie at night time.


I've been walking now for over an hour. I have no clue where i am or what i am

doing here. I feel light headed and my eyes are starting to droop. I spot a bush 

near by and crawl into it, shutting my eyes as i settle down.

"Hey!" says a strange voice "Thats my spot"

I gasp and sit up, theres a strangle looking boy standing above me. I start to get 

scared, but then i realise, hes smiling.

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