This chapter is edited and has been divided into two chapters, because there were some plot changes. Nothing major, but to create a sense of flow into the story.

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     The next day was busy and awful. Although I was a bit nervous and reluctant about dating Jesse, I decided to gave him a chance. Partly because I felt bad for denying him after all th efforts he made, but other was because he really made my heart beat a certain way. If that's even possible.
But then again I really haven't experience anything with men before to compare it with, not after my step dad. He made me feel insecure and terrified into getting a relationship.

I was quite surprise to even say yes to Jesse. Sometime we need to get over our fear I guess.

I was waiting in the airport once again with Enrico by my side taking a phone call from Mr. Grandeur.

It has been 5 days traveling around Germany, having meetings and getting acquaintances, now we were ready to head back home. Hell I was ready. It had not been exactly easy with the cast and crutch on, but somehow we managed. I haven't seen Jesse after the day he asked me out, since I was practically busy, and he texted me saying he needed to fly off to France for business. Was I disappointed? Not really, I needed the space after all this overwhelming status I just acquire.

"A broken foot Girlfriend of Jesse Blue"

The man I initially wanted to avoid.

The ride back home was swift and comfortable thankfully. After a long 5 days trip outside the country, it was taking a toll on my health. I was exhausted and ready to head for a week hibernation.

When we got back Enrico told me to take a week break and I was ready to spend it sleeping on my couch. The things I could do in that one week was making me giddy, ranging from munching on junk foods to a long day of Blue Bloods marathon. The fine NewYork police family, hmmm Jammie Reagan.

By noon I was already inside my apartment, my best friend was no where to be found. I decided to take a long hot shower. Even though I wasn't wearing a cast anymore, my legs were still hurting, so I needed to avoid further slowing the healing process. Cautiously gripping the shower bar, I held on to it just in case my leg decided to gave up on me.

The shower was hot, comfortable and quiet. Just something I needed for today.

When I was already dressed up ready for bed, I texted Thalia about my arrival and she directly texted me back with a promising message.

T: let's have girls day tomorrow.

I grinned happily before replying to her that I would love to and if she could arrange it, it would most probably be helpful since I was beat to dead.

T: Of course! Don't worry about a thing. Relax now, I'll get you some take out on the way back home and we can catch up on your trip.

A: Sounds great, bye bitch.

B: Bye slut!    ps: love your evening gown and your date was hot ;) (Check Gossip Girl mags)

My brows furrowed and I settle for a frown as I realized that news spread fast, it's has been what couple of days only, and they were already on my ass about the whole Gala.

I decided not to check on it, as not wanting to ruin my own mood.

Seeing that I have nothing left to do I opted for a slumber and hoping to wake up with some takeout ready.

Later the next morning I was ready to have some girls night with Thalia. She wanted us to go for a spa day and later on go on some shopping spree.

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