Chapter 2

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The next day

When Peter finally got the suit ready, he jumped out of the window of his apartment into the night.

He swung around for a few minutes to get ready for some fighting. He then let his hearing go out for 2 miles.


Back alley fight.

"Back on Little Div-" TV show.

"No, please, no, no. Please get out Daddy. Mommy, please get up, Daddy's hurting me. Daddy, stop your hurtin- AHHHH." A young voice screamed. Peter stopped where he was to listen and had white-hot rage go through him and violently swung to the area.

"YOU BITCH, YOU MADE ME KILL MY WIFE! WHY DIDN'T SHE LISTEN TO ME WHEN I SAID YOU WERE A PROBLEM! I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!" An older male voice screamed at the child. Before he could touch the child again a body smashed into the window and rolled to their feet.

The person immediately punched the man in the face then swept his feet from under him. The man blinked dazedly up at the ceiling then looked to where the person was and passed out.

Peter barely glanced over to where the abuser was and walked over to the child- boy - was and slowly walked over to him.

"Hey, my names... Mamushi. Can you tell me yours?" Peter asked the child. The boy just backed further away from where the man he was.

"It's ok I won't hurt you," He said gently.

"Th-Theodore." Theodore stuttered.

"I like that name. Can I call you Theo?"


Peter nodded and stepped closer slowly. "Can I make sure you're not hurt?"

Theo nodded so Peter, or Mamushi, stepped closer and closer until he was close enough to touch the boy.

"Can I touch you?"

Theo nodded once again. Peter slowly touched the boy then waited to see if Theo would back away then gently touched the bruise on his face.

When Theo flinched away he pulled his hand away and muttered to Morticia (his AI), "Bruise salve." A jar of bruise salve came out from his suit a second later.

He opened the jar and gently put the salve on Theo's face.

"There you go. Do you feel better?"

"S-sort of."

Peter thought for a little while before saying, "I'm going to take you to the police station and I want you to say that Mamushi brought you there. Ok?"


"I'm going to pick you up so we can swing down there."

"Ok," he said before continuing, "Are you like Spider-Man?"

Peter froze momentarily before responding. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am."


At the Police Station

"Captain Davis. Captain Davis! CAPTAIN DAVIS!" Corporal James shouted to the higher up.

"What! Corporal James, I told you not to yell for me unles-" Captain Davis stopped blinked at the little boy that's 8 or 9, looked over at James and said, "Why is there a boy in here?"

"Well, Theodore - the boy - said that a hero saved him. He said the hero's name is Mamushi. He also, sort of healed the bruise that his father gave him." James said 'father' with contempt.

"Search up Mamushi an-"

"I did and it came up with a venomous snake that comes from China, Japan, and Korea." James interrupted the Captain to say what he found about the snake.

"Of course you did. What I was going to say was to see if Theodore has any relatives that would be willing to take him in." Davis said sharply to James who looked a bit nervous at his superior's tone.

"Yes, sir."

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