Chapter 33

Zack arranged for me to talk with the cops tomorrow to give my statement on the events that took place in Giovanni’s house. After getting stitched up at the hospital we left together. I hadn’t seen Joey since we got outside and no one else had either, he did one of his disappearing tricks.

After going home and getting cleaned up mom went to the hospital to see dad. Erin was back home with Theo and after talking with the cops and Elena decided she wanted to wait at the hospital and talk to mom.

Zack took me back to his place, we normally spent our time together at my place but that was still a mess. He lived in a nice little two bedroom house down 27th avenue he bought after his run in with the law a few months ago, he wanted a new start. “I want you to stay here until you find a new place.” He said as he joined me on the sofa.

“Sure you won’t get sick of me?”

“I probably will but I’d rather have you here so I can watch you.”

“Watch me?”

“Yeah, I can’t have you doing any more stupid things.”

Everyone always used that word, stupid. I was starting to take offence to it now. “And here I thought you just wanted to have me close?”

“Oh I do.” Zack agreed with a grin as he pulled me closer to him. “We can have all the uninterrupted sex we want now.”

I laughed. “Always with that one thing on your mind.”

“Of course.” He kissed the collar of my neck and let me go. “But it’ll have to wait until later. I have to go in, the boss wants to talk to me.” He explained as he stood.

I sighed. “Ok you go, and I’ll go home and pack some things.”

He bent down and planted a kiss on my lips. “I’ll see you later and your car is out front.” He handed me my keys and left. I sat there for a moment, I felt tired but the doctor explained that was because of the blood I loss, apparently it was more than we first thought.

I used that time to reflect on everything. The mystery was solved, Nick Giovanni ordered the hit on Art De Luca because Art figured out Giovanni’s longest secret, he faked the death of Art and my mother’s baby, Elena. The whole thing started because Nick had fallen in love with a woman he couldn’t have so he set out to break her heart in a plan to win but it all back fired so he cut his losses and moved on until Art caught on. No one knew how he figured it all out and now with him dead we couldn’t ask.

Nick had to act fast before his own death was ordered so he had Art killed but he didn’t know Elena knew the truth. He had thought my mother knew something so he sent threatening notes and tried to kill me in a fire to get everyone to stop asking questions, mostly Joey.

I stood from the sofa and drove to my parent’s house. I had never seen it so empty, someone had always been home but now Mom and Grandma Loupe were at the hospital with dad. I called Alissa and left her a message with a little recap of everything that happened, if that didn’t make her call me I didn’t know what would.

I headed up to my room and gathered my things. I took a bag with everything I needed for the next few days, Zack and I knew how to push each others buttons so I didn’t know how long the arrangement would technically last.

By the time I reached the middle of the stairs I saw Joey leaning against the back of the couch. “What are you doing here?” I asked as I finished coming down.

“I saw your car out front.”

“You disappeared back at Giovanni’s pretty fast.”