Chapter 8

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*Y/N P.O.V*

Matteus lead me to the town centre where all the 'gang' were. "Hey guys" he said as we sat around a bench with a group of strangers. Once I got there I saw a few more familiar faces from around school and from the party. We all introduced ourselves. After awhile the 'strangers' became friends, their names were Julia, Matteo, Michael, Richard, Riley and Matteus. We were all talking about strange things, getting to know one another, when Linsey walked by with Dante. "Linseys pretty gorgeous," Riley smirked. In a hurry, I tried to hide myself behind Matteus. "She's not that pretty," I snarled,
"Oo, some one jealous?" Julia cooed,
"No," I sighed, "see the guy she's with? He's meant to be my best friend, he keeps abandoning me for her.." The mood around me changed, everyone went quite. Matteus wrapped his arm around me and gave me a hug seeing that I clearly felt hurt. "I'm sorry y/n, I'm sure he'll come round.." he said in an attempt to comfort me.
"I know, it's just.. I don't really have any other friends I guess.."
Julia smiled, "then we'll be you friends."
Suddenly I cheered up. Everyone was so caring and after awhile I honestly forgot about the whole Dante situation. The sky suddenly went grey and it began to rain. "Shit!"
"What?" Riley asked.
"I have to ride a bike home.." I groaned, "I should probably head off now before the rain gets any worse." I stood up and was about to start walking back to where I had parked up my bike when I was stopped by Matteus, "hey, I'll walk with you, I'm heading that way anyway." he said as he pulled out an umbrella that he conveniently had in his rucksack.

We began walking as he tried to open up his umbrella which was pretty pointless at this rate as we were soaked and already there. I unlocked my bike and before leaving I gave him a hug, "thanks for cheering me up today" I smiled. He was completely caught off guard, "no problem," he blushed. I hopped on my bike and waved goodbye as I headed home..

I got back and hurried into the house. "I'm home!" I shouted before running upstairs to get into some dry clothes. Once I dried off I flopped onto my bed and tried to call Dante. Weird, he didn't pick up. I tried calling him again and still had no answer. Was he avoiding my calls?.. I was so fed up so i decided to give in for an early night...

to be continued..
(I promise this will all add up soon, I'm just trying to bring in the main plot of the story..)

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