Chapter 9

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*Y/N P.O.V*

A brand new day, a fresh start. My dad walked by my room and woke me up by yelling some nonsense. I rolled out of my bed and followed my usual hectic morning routine. Once I was some what organised I head out the house expecting to see Dante waiting outside ready to walk to school but to my surprise he wasn't there, he'd bailed on me once again.

I started walking to school, feeling pretty miserable already, when I was stopped by a familiar voice, "Wait up!" they yelled. I turned around to see Dante, I was happy yet annoyed to see him. "Took you long enough," I said rolling my eyes.
"Sorry, I got caught up in things," he panted, still trying to catch his breath after running after me. We began walking, things were pretty awkward and silent so I tried so make subtle conversation. "So how was town with Linsey?" I asked. His face went white with shock. "How did you know about that?" he said as a nervous sweat started.
"Your story dumbass," I snarled.
"Uh-er, yeah, it was good, we really hit it off," he smiled awkwardly. I was still incredibly bitter about the whole situation and I wanted answers, now. "So why didn't you tell me?" I asked. Somehow he looked even more shocked and whiter. He was like a deer in the headlights. We quietly walked through the school gates when all of a sudden he turned to me and snarled "you wouldn't understand" before walking off. I froze, Dante had never been so cold towards me. Yeah, I was pretty mean to him from time to time but he never said anything back, it was always just a joke. My eyes began to water, I felt someone's hand touch my shoulder and a soft voice behind me asked,"you okay?" Trying to hold back my tears I turned around and hugged the stranger, it was Matteus. Soon enough the rest of the 'gang' came rushing past pulling me and Matteus into the crowd. As we were being pushed through the hallway I saw Dante talking with Linsey and a few other people by her locker. For some reason it hurt to see him with her, I didn't like him, he was just my best friend and I didn't want him to get hurt. Eventually the bell rang and the crowd that filled the hallway died down. I headed to home room already having the worst day..

to be continued..
(sorry this is short, I promise this will all add up soon)

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