Chapter 6

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*Y/N P.O.V*

I was just laying in my bed watching some random youtube videos when suddenly I got a spam of texts from Dante, I was far too tired to text so I just called him. He answered with in 2 rings. "Hey Dante, you good?" I asked.
"You'll never guess what just happened!" He yelled, completely avoiding my question.
"Linsey called me and we spoke for hours and had the most amazing conversation, she's just perfect." he said falling into a daze. I know I'm supposed to be happy for him, he's my best friend after all, but I felt a wave of jealousy come over me. I didn't like Dante like that but he was pretty much my only friend.. I just assumed it was me being over protective.
"I'm so happy for you!" I said slightly underwhelmed. He snapped out of his daze and said "We're texting right now, she's being super flirty, I don't know what to do." Being apart of this all made me super uncomfortable, Dante didn't exactly have that many guy friends so he really didn't know where to come when he had 'girl problems'. I wanted to change the subject as quick as possible but I knew Dante needed my help and I just had to be a good friend and help him out. "Uh- I don't know send her a picture of you? I'm not exactly the most 'flirty' person.."
"Okay let me give it try." I heard a few snaps and then I got a few messages from him. "Any of these any good?" he asked. I opened them up and took look. I almost burst out laughing. They were the most f-boy looking pictures i've ever seen, it was hilarious. I let out a small chuckle while trying to contain my laughter. "Hey I'm trying!" he said innocently.
"I'm sorry but you can not send those to her." I said bursting out into laughter, "maybe being flirty just isn't your thing."
"Yeah maybe you're right, I should just give up." he wept.
"Oh come on Dante, don't be like that, just be yourself! If she doesn't like you for you then she's not worth your time.."
"That was the tackiest think I've ever heard" he grinned.
"Shut up, Im tired okay? Im gonna go to sleep but good luck... and don't make a fool of yourself." I smiled.
"Good night Y/N."
"Night Dante." I said before ending the the call. I put my phone on charge and went to sleep for the night.. I hope he doesn't make a total fool out of himself...

to be continued...

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