6 | coincidence [chat]

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[sunmi's pov]

damn, i never knew yeri's idea would actually work. she's currently entering the code on netflix given by jisung, han jisung.

"4, 4, 1, 9" (a/n: wink wonk) yeri says, typing the code. as soon as she enters it, the netflix logo finally appeared on my laptop screen.

weighlifting fairy kim bok joo, here we go!


15 minutes later, i receive another notification from my phone. i look at yeri, who's way too engrossed at junhyung.

he's just too handsome.


3:06 am

jisung: i just gave u the code and now u wont answer me 🥺🥺

me: whaaaat

jisung: let's play 20 questions!

i think about it looking at the laptop screen then my phone again. well, i can multitask.

me: sure sure u first

jisung: where do u livee

me: oof stalker much
me: just kidding
me: seoul

jisung: nO WAYYyYyYyyY
jisung: i live in seoul toOoOooOo!

me: WOAHSHEKSJSKSKS what if we've passed by each other before

jisung: maybe im right behind you.

out of instinct, sunmi turns around in a flash. she let's out a 'tsk' sound, shaking her head.  saying "you got me" then chuckling to herself.
yeri looks at her weirdly. she pauses the episode and says "uh who are you talking to?" "jisung" i say. "oh netflix giver?" my bestfriend says, smirking and resuming the episode.

me: bih u got me.


me: tell me more about urselfff

jisung: then tell me more abt urself tooo
jisung is typing

me: im 17 years old. my bday is on sept 13. i LOVE coke and listening to music. i fall asleep when i listen to music i like lol. my bestfriend, yeri lives with me so everything's gucci. and i also dont want summer to end cos i like binge watching showssss

jisung: i was born on sept 14 2000. im 18 years old. i like composing music. i rap and sing when im not lazy, i live with 3 other crackheads. and i love my parents 😛

[they send it at the same time]

me: wOAH ur birthday is the day after mine!!

jisung: coke eye—

me: all these coincidences got mekskdkkfkfkekf
me: cosps95,dofk93;@@.
me: wait(/£@?fkkssls

jisung: uh sunmi u ok?

me: kdksooiuu8i89

jisung: did u fall asleep? HAHAHAHA

me: henlo this is yeri, her amazing besfren,, sunmi fell asleep HAHAHAHA
me: look

 jisung: ohhhh 3:34 am HAHAHAHA cutejisung: ohhhh 3:34 am HAHAHAHA cute |jisung: ohhhh 3:34 am HAHAHAHA |jisung: ohhhh it's 3:34 am HAHAHAHA weaklingjisung: goodnight sunmidelivered

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jisung: ohhhh 3:34 am HAHAHAHA cute
jisung: ohhhh 3:34 am HAHAHAHA cute |
jisung: ohhhh 3:34 am HAHAHAHA |
jisung: ohhhh it's 3:34 am HAHAHAHA weakling
jisung: goodnight sunmi

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