The female titan, the 57th exterior mission part 2

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The scouts had ventured off from the walls, word had reached command that the right wing was wiped out and black flares indicited that an abnormal was making a beeline for the center meaning that someone had taken Erwin's bait. Erwin redirected the formation to a forest of giant trees. Command and the center rank entered the forest and set up the special target restraining weapons Hanji and you had made in the middle of it, Wolffe had been at the opening of the forest trailing Levi squad from a distance waiting for the spy to show up so he could hold them off till the squad reached the trap to minimize casualties of soldiers.

"Try to hold back Wolffe we need the act to be convincing in order for this to work" you told him and he chuckled "I won't make promises" and with that he broke off from the group. "Captain! Captain Levi!" "What?" Levi answered annoyed that Eren was pestering him "C'mon sir we're in a forest, we won't see a titan till it's right ontop of us! The center rank's totally cut off, something's coming up on the right isn't it? So what're we supposed to do avoid titans or defend the wagons?"

Eren's moaning was really starting to get on Levi's nerves "Quit whining and move on from the obvious already neither of those is an option anymore" Eren looked at him confused "Wh-what're you talking about?" "Haven't you noticed what's around you? Take a look at these big ass trees perfect envoirnment for ODM gear wouldn't you say? Take my advice Eren, calm down and use your head, the best survival tool is your brain" Eren gasped and asked him another question "Is that something commander (L/N) taught you?"

Mike had busted through a wall and threw Levi into a pile of crates, Levi flipped backwards and ran towards while pulling out a knife. He cut the wire to his right grip knocking it away in the process he ran at Mike again in an attempt to stab him but you swooped down and caught the knife between your blades, you used them to throw it off to the side and put them back in your sheaths getting into a fighting stance.

Erwin wanted to assess his combat abilities so he told you to fight him so he could observe. Levi threw a few wild punches at you which you simply ducked and dodged under, he ran and tried to go for another punch but you simply gave him a heavy uppercut to the stomach making him spit up as he grunted in pain "Word of advice kid, know when you've been beaten" 

you then gave him a left hook to the face, then a right one, then another left one before giving it a straight punch knocking him to the ground you started walking towards him but he stubbornly got back up struggling to his feet with pained grunts making you harden your expression. 

"Listen if you don't wanna get seriously then hurt get back down and don't get up" you warned him menacingly but he just started running at you again ignoring your words, you caught a punch he threw at you and punched him in the face before uppercutting his stomach again. You grabbed him by his hair and collar then thew him into the wall next to you earning another groan of pain from him.

He stumbled off the wall and tried to do a roundhouse kick to your head which you promptly ducked under and pivoted behind him while grabbing one of his arms and held it behind his back and wrapped your other arm around his neck.

"You can either knock off this suicidal maniac bullshit right now or I can crush your shoulder into pulp which one is it gonna be!?" he then launched back and shove you into the wall hurting your back making you grunt in pain 'That's it I'm through with this kid!'

He turned around but didn't get to do anything as you uppercutted his stomach a 3rd time "I!" then you jammed your knee into his stomach "Warned you!" after that you hooked him in his face "You rotten punk!" then you elbowed him in his face followed up with 2 more punches to his face, you gave his stomach a 4th uppercut then headbutted him making him stagger back.

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