Movie Night

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Stiles: "What do you wanna watch?" You asked Stiles who was wearing just a pair of pajama pants. "I wanna watch you strip." He winked. You laughed loudly, causing him to laugh. "Never in your dreams Stilinski." You grabbed a bag of chips from the coffee table full of snacks and sat on the sofa. "We can watch The Hunger Games." He put on the movie and sat down next to you.


"May the odds be ever in your favor Miss Everdeen." Stiles laughed. "May the odds be ever in your favor Mr.Malark." Stiles looked at you smiling. "We are such geeks" he said making you laugh. "But I love that about us." You said right before he kisses you.

Scott: "I'm in much need of a movie night. Thank you for coming over." You said to your boyfriend Scott who just showed up to your house with a bag of goodies. "Okay, I've got Step Brothers, candy, chips, drinks, AND to top it all off I've got...... ICE CREAM!" You laughed at his excitement and gave him a hug, thanking him.

He cuddled with you the whole night because he knew you were really stressed out and need a relaxing night. You love the fact that he dropped everything just to come be with you in your time of need.

Derek: "Are you ready for the best movie of all time?" Derek asked getting into bed next to you. "Derek, we've watched this movie five different times and it still scares me. Hell no I'm not ready." He wrapped his arm tightly around you. "I'll protect you." You looked at him with a blank expression. "What?" He asked. "Nothing."

The entire movie all you did was cling onto Derek while he laughed. "Do not laugh at me!" You exclaimed and smacked him in the chest. You gently pushed him off of you. "I'm sorry." You ignored him and looked at the t.v. which was not a good idea. You screamed and jumped back into Dereks arms, hiding your face in his chest. "Don't let me go." You whispered. "I wouldn't dream of it baby."

Isaac: "Are you sure you want to watch this?" I asked Isaac knowing how emotional he can get. This was our first time watching The Fault in Our Stars together. "Yeah. I think I'll be fine." He answered pressing play. "Okay." I said.


At the end of the movie Isaac was sobbing. Honestly, we both were. I leaned over and hugged Isaac tightly. He looked at me and smiled a little. "Baby I'm okay." He said wiping his eyes on his shirt. "Good." I kissed his cheek tenderly.

Liam: "I cannot believe my parents are out of town and we have the whole place to ourselves and the ONLY thing we are doing right now is texting." You sat your phone down and smiled seductively at Liam while crawling onto his lap. "Well are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He bit his lip and smiled back, nodding. "Movie night?" You nodded happily. "I'll get the popcorn!" You shouted and ran to the kitchen. "I'll get the movie!" Liam hopped up and put the movie in.

When you got back with the popcorn you found him sitting comfortably on the sofa ready to press play. "This should be fun" he winked.

Aiden: "Okay, its official. We've watched 21 Jump Street so many times we can quote it. We need a new movie to watch." You thought about it for a second when the perfect movie came to your mind. "How about 22 Jump Street?" "Thats perfect!"

Since you guys didn't own the movie yet, you went to the video store to rent it. When you got home you both laughed continously through the whole movie enjoyong every minute together.


Jackson: "You are seriously not making me watch this again, are you?" Jackson asked annoyed. "Well not if you don't want to." He sighed. "Well you're gonna make me anyway so whats the point in arguing?" You smiled at him because of how well he knew you.

Throughout the movie Jackson was rolling his eyes and groaning. "Babe it isn't THAT bad." He looked at you and wrapped his arm around you. "I know. I'm just doing it to annoy you. Honestly I've came to like this movie." You kissed his cheek, noticing him blush. "I love how you act all tough but really you're just a big softy." His mouth fell open. "Just for that I'm not getting you any snacks." He said making you laugh.

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