The head cheerleader puffs up her hair a little. Classes after classes arrived in front of the school to watch the dance battle. The cheerleaders seemed to be chill and the team gets frustrated.

        "What the fuck do we do?", Waverly asked. 

        "I'm nervous. I forgot the routine.", Charity followed.

        "Guys. Calm down. Everything will be fine.", I said and turned around and bumped into someone with coffee. 

        "Shit.", he said and laughs.

        "I'm so sorry.", I said.

        "It's okay. It's okay.", he said and looked up at me. "I'm Jack."

        "Cali. Nice to meet you.", I said with a smile. He smiles and leaves to go to the restroom to wash off the coffee.

        "CALI.", I heard Waverly yell.

        "What?", I asked.

        "THAT WAS SOMEONE FROM MAGCON.", Charity screamed.

        "I thought so because of his good lo-"

        "The dance battle is starting!", the principal said into the mic. "First, the Edgerton Cheer Squad." The cheerleaders all flipped their hair at the same time and walked to the middle of the front of the school. Their routine was really good.

        "What the fuck do we do now?", Waverly asks.

        "I don't know. I-"

        "Good luck. Really.", Payton said when she finished her routine. The cheer squad laughed with her and walked away.

        "Just pretend this is an actual real thing.", I said.

        "Now, the Edgerton dance team! Where is the captain?", the principal asked.

        "It's Cali.", Charity said. The team got into their positions. I looked up and I saw Jack sitting back and smiling while looking at me. He gives me motivation. 

         I taught the team a routine I did at a competition with my old dance team. (look at video) I think it was pretty good.


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