chapter 3 A lost Of Hope

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We started eating when we got our lunch brought out to us. It was smoked ham with mac 'n cheese. I loved the taste too. I thought it was weird how everyones hair color is so different from my packs. Most of the time your wolf pelts color is the same as your hair.

"So." said Trick. "What color is your wolf new guy?" I looked at him as I get done chewing on the food that was already in my mouth.

"uh, blue." I tell him, feeling nervous since everyone in my pack likes to make fun of me for it.

"Can I see?" He asks with what looks like a evil glent in his eye. I fidget nervously.

"I guess. But can it wait until Im done eating?" I say. He nods his head. I notice that Flower keeps moving closer to me as we eat. I get done and look at trick. "ready?" I ask.

"Yea lets go." He answers and stands up and walks out with me following him. Once outside he just stares at me. Quickly I change into my wolf form.

"Wow thats a beatiful blue! No wonder sun was bragging! Ha!" Trick says.

I was wondering what he was talking about when suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my left flank. When I look back I see that its a dart, then darkness.

~unknown passing of time~

When I wake up Im in what looks like a dog cage. Looking down I see that Im still in my wolf form. I start to freak out. What the hell is going on! I bark out. A face looks into the cage. Warren. I whimper as I can feel the alpha like fog come off of him. He smirks.

"Oh hello. Your wolf form is to beatiful to give up. So now your mine." I whimper again. What does he mean by that. "You are unable to change back into your human form to now so dont try. You may hurt yourself and I dont want my pet to get hurt." He grins evily.

He cant keep me here! He has to let me go or face my pack! What did I do to earn this!

"Oh dont worry your pack isnt coming for you anytime soon. They all think you ran away." He chuckles and opens the cage door. "Now come out pet I need to think of a new name for you and I cant do it without seeing your beatiful coat."

I do as Im told, just waiting for a chance to get away. I feel a sharp pain in my back then its gone. I feel calm like I want to be where I am. Suddenly out of nowhere Im nuzzling up agasint warren. My mind is screaming no but my body is begging to be petted. What did he put into me!

"I see that it works. I dont even have to use force on you, I just need some shots to make you do different things. Now for your name." Warren sounded pleased with himself.

He pets the fur on my back making me wag my tail. I tried to stop but I couldnt.

"How about...Blue Moon." He smirks and starts to feel around me. I feel something slip over my neck. "A beatiful collar for a beatiful wolf." I whimper when he says this. He attaches a leash to my collar and stands up, walking out of the room, pulling me along with him.

I follow but not happily. Im only doing it because I have to. The shot he gave me seems to be wearing off. I dont bother doing anything he wouldnt like though. I have given up hope.

We go into a room with many couches, all different sorts. He finds a couch he seems to like and sits down on it, pulling on the leash that makes me get on the couch with him. He makes me lay my head in his lap.

He pets me and I do nothing to get away from him. I have found out this is my fate. I drift off to sleep.

hope u all are liking this story so far i know it sucks but oh well i just had to write this. but anyways comment! and vote!

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