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Jess pov

School was over and jack texted me earlier he's going to pick me up . i waited for a while and I saw jack pulling up . I got in the car and jack looked at me .

" Where heading to magcon but don't worry about nash and cam there not part of magcon no more " jack said .

" Jack dont take this the wrong way but I don't want to go I don't like traveling " I said .

" Oh will it's okay I'll drop you off at home " he said and started driving. Once we got to my house I said bye to jack and went in . I put my bag on the couch and went upstairs . I showered and changed I to a over size big short and some long socks . I went down stoats and the light were all off . I went to the light switch and felt a hand .

" Ahh " I yelled and the lights went on . I saw Chris , Laurie , nash , cam and Crawford .

"Oh look who we found " they said in sync .

" What do you want I'm just house sitting the espinosa home and if you looking for Jess .......... " I said but stopped .

" Your house sitting " nash said .

"Where's Jess " Chris said .

" She ummm....died will they killed her " I said, ooh that was good .

" She died who killed her " cam said .

" No one knows she was killed and her body was cut open " I said , why am I so good at lying .

" She was cut open Chris they took the " nash said but stopped . I know what he was going to say .

" We have to go " they said and left. I shut the door behind them and laid on the couch . wow that was close , How is Matt gonna react to my new name and look ? .

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