•4• Camila

Steps to getting a boyfriend

1. Mingle

2. Actually talk to your crush (Austin! Shush!)

3. Flirt with him

4. If he has a girlfriend, Move on.

I went over those steps continuously in my head as i walked down the halls. I left class to go use the restroom but actually I wanted to see if Lauren was out and about. I didn't see her in the first bathroom so i decided to go to the one upstairs. As I walked into the stairwell, I was met with a familiar face. "Uh, Hey have you seen Lauren?" Austin asks me in a sort of rushing tone. I shook my head. Before i could respond with words, Austin rushes past me and runs out of the stairwell. I place a soft frown on my face and keep walking up the stairs.

I opened the bathroom's door and I heard a sniffling coming from a stall. "Lauren?" I ask suspiciously. No response was given. I heard the sniffles come from the last stall so I hurriedly walked to it and tried to open it, but it was locked. I bravely clamped both of my heels on two door handles, even though they were extremely small, my feet were on there. I pulled my head over the door and peered into the stall. What I saw was absolutely horrific. Lauren's arms were gashed, Blood oozing from the scrapes. She was compressed in between a toilet and a wall. I felt myself beginning to cry. I hopped down from the the wall and slide under the door.

I then hold Lauren in my arms sadly. "Lauren, Why did you do this?" I ask, tears clogging up my throat. She began sweating, her eyes fluttering from open to closed. "Austin..." She says with a stutter. I shake my head. "We have to get you to a hospital. I'll be right back, I promise." I say in a stern tone. I open the door of the stall and quickly rush out of it and run outside into the hallway. I just ran into the first classroom that I could find. "Please help my friend! She cut herself." I say helplessly. Everyone gasped once they saw the blood on my orange dress. The teacher nods and runs with me out of the classroom. "Where's is she?" He asks, I point the bathroom. I don't feel myself able to produce another word right now, I just hope my friend's OK.

~stay humble

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