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If I Were A Boy (camren) by tbhlauren
If I Were A Boy (camren)by lil
Lauren Jauregui has had a crush on her fellow band member, Camila Cabello for a while now. Still friends, they have gradually grown very distant. One night, Lauren is up...
Spring Break (Austin Mahone Fanfiction) by Ameezy5H
Spring Break (Austin Mahone Ameezy5H
I was that sweet innocent girl. He was that high school hottie that liked to mess around with girls. I thought I could resist him. I wanted to show my parents I wasn't a...
Give Ur Heart A Break by MB-143
Give Ur Heart A Breakby MB-143
Joe's a single dad who has a 16-year old daughter named Michelle Amelia Jonas. His ex cheated and left him with Mitchie for a another guy. He vowed to not fall in love t...
Too late (Camren/Laurinah) by legendarymila
Too late (Camren/Laurinah)by Lern Jergi
It's a love triangle. Lauren falls in love with Camila. Camila has no idea Lauren is a lesbian except for Dinah. Camila finds out their senior year because Austin outed...
The Golden Couple - Becstin - completed by bieberacm96
The Golden Couple - Becstin - Arianna
Becstin {in the process of Editing
Sanando mi corazón by Guevara1813
Sanando mi corazónby Camren_love
¿Que pasa después de que Camila elija a Austin por encima de Lauren? ¿Por eso Lauren y Lucy empezaron a salir? ¿Que pasaría si Camila se arrepiente de su decisión y ya e...
Happily by kehlanimila
Happilyby julia
Camila Cabello is from a popular girl group called Fifth Harmony! What happens when pop sensation Austin Mahone starts developing feeling for Camila? Will it develop & g...
seen ; camren texts by seductivekarla
seen ; camren textsby erika
What if life gave you another chance to learn to love again? - based on a game called "seen". I dont own anything all credits to polychroma games. - - cover by...
Lost in Lust by CamilaStoleMyBanana
Lost in Lustby Where’s my banana?!
They say follow your heart and it will guide you down the path of a crazy journey called love. But she didn't yearn for love. She was filled with lust and such intense d...
AUSMILA IMAGINE'S by yunginmamii
The Populars (raura + ausmila+ rydellington) by queenshipper05
The Populars (raura + ausmila+ Bri Bri
They whole crew is popular.The girls are everyones favorite cheerleaders and the boys are everyones favorite football players.They are super nice and not the kind of pop...
If I stay by simplyjuliee
If I stayby simplyjuliee
Ausmila/camaustin story Camila cabello is the girl you never noticed , unheard , lonesome . What will happen when she finds herself falling for austin Mahone . "All...
The Popular One by crazy4myidols
The Popular Oneby crazy4myidols
Camila Cabello is in love with Austin Mahone the most popular bad boy in school.He gets anyone or anything he wants but when he notice that he likes Camila she's hard to...
You Are My Forever by 5_harmony
You Are My Foreverby 5_harmony
This story is about austin and camila and how their relationship grows to something they both always wanted. I'm not really that good with descriptions. I do not own any...
Rebbeca Marie Gomez & Little Becky G by RealBebeAriyanaRexha
Rebbeca Marie Gomez & Little Bebe Ariyana Rexha
This story is about Little Becky G and Rebbeca Marie Gomez. In the story Rebbeca Gomez finds out that her girlfriend cheated on her which is Little Becky G
100 Words of Love by zythxyb
100 Words of Loveby zythxyb
Camila's the new girl in the school and doesn't know anything about it. Austin is the most popular kid in the school and uses every girl just for fun. What will happen w...
The Secret by Ameezy5H
The Secretby Ameezy5H
Austin is going on tour with a few special guests but what happens when one of those guests just so happens to be a girl from Fifth Harmony? What happens when they're on...
I think I need Her( Austin mahone) (sequel) by austin_m_princess
I think I need Her( Austin mahone) austin_m_princess
Austin leaves for Miami but will him being far from Camila make or break there relationship? Will Austin find someone else? Will they decide to just break up? what will...
Spring Break 2 (Austin Mahone Fanfiction) by Ameezy5H
Spring Break 2 (Austin Mahone Ameezy5H
If you haven't read spring break go read it! If not some parts won't make sense but if you don't wanna read the first one that's fine. Enjoy!