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She noticed that after managing to train her control over Ethernano it took much less power to summon her zodiac spirits. She could now summon two at the same time, which according to Papa Crux is not something a normal child could manage. However, she would have difficulty actually summoning two spirits during a fight.

She had been right, controlling the power was needed to control the magic. It was time for the second step ... tree walking.

Her schedule changed a bit, instead of training with a leaf, she would sneak out of the mansion at night to go to the forest. The konzern was so big it had its own cemetery, a forest, a lake and a small village where the servants lived.

She would run up trees and fall down every time, her butt cheeks were black and blue from the falls. It took her three weeks of constantly running and falling to managed to stick to a tree. Seeing results once again made her proud of her stubbornness.

Tree walking was amazing, she loved to be able to just be upside down on a tree branch like a bat. The blood went to her brain if she stayed too long like that, but it just made her feel alive. 

After that was done, it was time for water walking. Of course, falling into the lake various time, in the middle of the night, in the winter wasn't exactly healthy. She got a mean ass cold, but she managed to finally walk on water almost like freaking Moses walking through the red sea after four weeks.


Lucy had been in this world for about four months now, and she was proud of her accomplishments. She could now summon two zodiac keys and two silver keys at the same time. Papa Crux was amazed at her and even added her ninja training method into his records for its amazing results.

However her body still needed physical training, and she wanted to find more keys. It was time for part two of her plan- escape this place.

First, she needed money, jewels- which were the currency here. She also wanted to finish reading the library before leaving, many of the books were rare and she would never have another opportunity.

Although Jude was super rich, he wouldn't just hand over money to his despised daughter so Lucy had to take things into her own hands. She decided that since she was training ninja skills she might as well thieve her way through the mansion and steal. Technically she was the heiress and everything belonged to her anyway.

She took a few objects and woke up two hours before her usual time schedule, managed to sneak out of the mansion and went to the nearest village, which was about 15 minutes away by foot. Of course, she had Cancer change her hair into blue, like Aquarius's, before leaving the mansion so that nobody would easily recognize her and wore simple clothes.

She managed to sell all the objects in a pawn shop, the old man even told her to come back again if she had more goods. Surprisingly nobody questioned her about her age or about how she got the things, it must be a mage thing. After all, in this world, a kid with magic could possibly destroy a town.

Before going back she found a small magic shop and decided to take a look. It was old and full of dust, but then again this was a small village and not many people could actually use magic.

"Can I help you deary?" A cracked voice called from behind the counter.

Lucy looked up and saw an old woman, that looked like an evil hag mind you, looking at her with a creepy ass grin.

"Depends." She replied casually, a hag wasn't going to scare her. "Do you have Celestial keys?"

"You think my little old shop in the middle of nowhere would have rare magical objects?" The hag asked, arching her eyebrow.

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