"just freinds"

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WARNINGS/ mentions of sex

Klaus x reader

words: 867

You two called it freinds with benefits

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You two called it freinds with benefits. Everyone else called it a relationship.

You were on your way to Klaus's flat at 2 in the morning.

You weren't dating, but you were like a couple. You two talked like a couple, argued like a couple, even had sex like a couple, but a couple, is what you weren't.

It kinda sucked being Klaus's booty call for everytime he needed relief. But you could imagine that he felt the same about you.

It was a rainy and cold night. Klaus was most likely tired or scared or high, or all of those. You looked out the window of your car as you raced down the freeway to get to your freind. The stars were covered by the dark grey clouds an the moon was barely visible.

You didnt know if you were excited to see Klaus or sad to see Klaus. Seeing Klaus was always a bitter-sweet moment. The moment were he kissed your lips and called you beautiful were sweet, but those things would soon turn bitter as you realized that he said that same thing to two other girls the night before.

But that's what being "just freinds" is about right? Not catching feelings... some thing that you failed so hopelessly at.

You arrived at Klaus's apartment in a matter of minutes with a smile upon your face.

You got out of your crickety car and walked over to his front door.

You knocked.

"Come in y/n" you heard him yell from the other side.

You opened the door to find him sprawled out on the carpented floor, high as a kite, with a cigarette between his lips.

You walked over to him, sitting down next to him cross legged. You took the cig from his lips and put it in your mouth. You took a long drag and released all the smoke through your nose. You placed the cigarette back between his lips.

He looked up at you from were he was laying and bit his lip, trying so hard to contain the smile he had everytime he saw you.

He had thought the same as you. Seeing you was bitter-sweet to him.

You looked down at him and spoke up.

"So why did you want me to drive across town, to see you, at 3 in the morning?"

"Christ on a cracker, you could at least pretend to be happy to see me." He chuckled then sighed.

"Klaus, you know what I meant. What do you want to do?"

He looked stuck, then he spoke.

"Y/n you know what I want to do" he looked you up and down with a smirk and sat up, his arms propping himself up.

You giggled and grabbed a cigarette from the pack and lit it.

"Of course I know what you want to do" you said with the cigarette hanging out the side of your mouth. You took the cigarette from you lips and swung your leg over his hip, straddling him.

You furrowed your brows and pecked his lips. He let out a slight whimper as he grinded against you.

You suddenly had second thoughts.

"Wait, Klaus I-" you pushed yourself off of him and sighed.

You stared at his bloodshot eyes. You searched his face for any signs of understanding.

"What did you mean?" He looked at you with a concerned expression.

"I dont want to sleep with you anymore."


His eyes danced around your face, analyzing your eyes, mouth, nose, everything, searching for an answer.

"I- just.... I'm scared....that I'm gonna get pregnant, or something else, and I know that you do things with other girls and guys and I dont know, I'm just worried"

"Well we have condoms, birth control, plan B, we have all of that so theres no need to worry"

He had a point.

You had a lame excuse.

"Klaus I just... dont want to fuck around anymore."

He groaned and got up from where he was sitting.

"Then why are you here?" He questioned you with an attitude.

You were shocked. The mood in the room switched and you felt a burning sensation behind your eyes.

"That is literally all you want huh? Just a person to fuck around with and a person that you can go to when you need money? Ya know, I wasnt here for the sex, I was here for you. Your company."

"The fuck" he scoffed. Of course he didnt fucking get it.

You two had been freinds since you were children, but it wasn't till recently the whole entire fuck buddy thing came up. You were slowly starting to hate the fact that there wasn't emotion evolved when he touched you. There was no passion behind his kiss. To him, you were just another girl. You knew that. 

"I'm leaving" you barged out of his flat with tears threatening to spill from your eyes. Your heart felt like fire.

He's to high too understand anything. Too sick to get that you loved him.

How could he not see?


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