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There they were still lying on the grass. Lexi was on Michael because of the fall he had suffered before. Their faces had not separated for a moment. Unlike. Each time they seemed to be closer, their lips brushing. Once again everything had been paralyzed. Only the two of them were on the green grass. Finally his lips made contact. They kissed sweetly, in a way that only they could describe. That kiss showed that he had been longed for a long time. Both Michael and Lexi missed each other's lips. Their feelings were something that no matter how much they wanted to forget they could not. When they managed to separate from each other, they looked at each other intensely and deeply, then gave each other a big hug. Michael could not leave room for silence. He told Lexi that he loved her very much, from the first moment he had met her until today. He had always done it and always would. He did not want to lose her. I just had verified that I could hardly stay away from her for a long time. Lexi blushed, and replied to Michael with another big kiss and hug. It seemed that things were going well. They had fixed it. At last everything was back in its place. But Michael wanted to start his relationship on the right foot, he did not want it to be based on a lie or then it would be worse, and under no circumstances would he spoil something as important as his relationship with Lexi ... After being in the park, Michael and Lexi went for a walk in the park towards Lexi's house. Michael told him to go with him to his house, and so they could continue talking in a quieter private environment. But Lexi had to resolve matters beforehand, so Michael was determined to pick her up in a couple of hours at home, which Lexi accepted. Time passed, Lexi did what she had to do and of course as soon as she got home she told everything with hairs and signals to her friend Becca who seemed amazed by everything she heard. It was great that they finally came back. Becca was happy to see that at last her friend was going to be fine with the boy she loved. That they loved each other was something that was noticeable from afar. I was completely sure that no matter how many things happened, I could really separate them. Well they say that love can do everything. The afternoon turned rainy, so in the end Lexi instead of going out to do her errands, stayed home watching television with her friend. They prepared a delicious lunch to spend the afternoon at home, warm, until Michael came by Lexi. They decided to watch a laugh movie. It was not a good idea because between the argument of the film and its bad jokes, both one and the other almost burst from laughing so much. It had been a fun and very funny evening. In addition Becca had the habit to comment certain parts of the film, so that the two ended up laughing, and almost riding their own movie. Lexi was ready for Michael to pick her up, it was not long before she arrived. Meanwhile, her friend would stay at home watching a movie marathon. That girl really if it's quiet ... Michael arrived, picked up Lexi and they were on their way home. He was uneasy and nervous. I knew that the moment of truth had arrived. He was afraid that by telling him anything Lexi would turn against him and everything would be broken again. It was a delicate subject. After spending a while talking, laughing and having fun as always, he believed that the time had finally come to bring up the subject. Seeing tense Michael, Lexi got serious and worried. Michael started telling him something important that he had to know. Something that had happened during his stay in Spain. Lexi grew increasingly nervous. Michael finally could say something without hesitation; while she was out of the country, she had had something with Brooke again ...

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