Chapter 1

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I pulled my knees up to my chest and stared at the water next to me. There was only one plastic water bottle full, and not opened and the sink hasn't been working for days now. It's been a couple of days since the outbreak, I had no idea what was going on out there; once and a while I would hear a couple of gunshots or maybe a moan or a bang, but nothing too out of the ordinary for an apocalyptic day.

I knew I had to go outside, but the idea of stepping foot out there made me nauseous. I didn't want to be alone, I'd rather be dead... but not by the mouths of those things. I sighed and stood from my sitting position; I stretched my sore legs out and walked to where I store my food.

"Damn it," I mumbled as I looked at the descending food portion. Before the outbreak, my family and I never really ate the canned foods the school gave us, so we just left it in the pantry. I'm glad we did that otherwise, I wouldn't be here now.

Most of the canned foods that were left were some pears, peas, and chicken noodle soup. I was too scared to eat anything with chicken in it, even though I could use the protein. I only eat once a day to spread out the food for as long as possible so I don't ever have to venture out into the unknown.

I walked to the door, ready to take a look outside but something kept pulling me back; I was scared. My fear controlled me nowadays. Before the outbreak I was doing the craziest shit, I fought people, I went against my parents' wills and did whatever I wanted, no matter how scared I was. I've changed... everything's changed.

I sigh and turn around, yet again. Almost every day now I try to get myself to look outside, but I'm too afraid of what I'm going to see. Fear controls people, it controls me and it's going to get me killed if I can't override it soon so I can get myself some food and water; if there is even any left.

I walked from the porch area and into the living room where I sat down, picked up my radio, and turned it on. Whenever I get the chance I turn the radio on for ten minutes, to save battery life. I haven't heard anything from anyone for weeks now, it's the first of April today and I knew I couldn't survive seventeen more days with only three days left of food unless I left the house.

Fear couldn't hold me in this house forever.

Throughout the days I stayed quiet so no one or anything would hear me. I knew I had to survive 'till the seventeenth, I had to. I'm so close to getting out of this hell hole. I never knew what it was like to be bored or alone before this, I hate it. I want someone here with me, I've never liked being alone, and now that I am... I don't know how I'm going to get through this.

A couple of hours of me sitting in one spot contemplating staying inside and starving rather than go out there passed by and when I came to I knew what I had to do. I just wasn't so sure I could do it.

I stood up and walked into my room, my legs feel like jelly underneath the weight of my bones. I picked up my dads' old army backpack and shoved the bottle of water in it, batteries, and an extra jacket in it. I made sure not to forget a flashlight and my lighter, just in case. I grabbed my dad's .224 and some ammo for it, zipped the backpack up, and loaded the gun. I slung it over my shoulder along with my backpack, laced up my boots and put my gloves and hat on and set off.


I'm sorry this chapter was short, I promise that they'll be at least 1,000 words every time I update and I'll try and update two times a week, even more during the summer. Please keep reading, it'll get better!



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