Chapter 2

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My hand rested on the cold metal door handle as I stayed frozen. Did I want to see what was out there? I've been here for weeks without seeing any sun, animals, birds, or stars. I miss them... but was I really ready to risk my life for some lousy food?

That lousy food is what I need in order to live I can't just stay here and sit on my ass while everything goes on outside.

Some part of me was hoping I was in a coma and once I passed through this door I would wake in another world where people were happy and no one was a flesh-eating monster.

Slowly, I pushed the door open and listened to its hinges squeak exactly like it did when I was a child. I stepped out into the warm spring air and breathed in. The air was heavy with moisture and it smelled of something metallic, like rusted pennies. The sky was sunny but streaks of dark smoke lined it, making it look more gray than blue.

I quietly closed the door behind me and set off towards Super-Mart. The wooden stairs in front of my house were silent as I walked down them, the paint still looking untouched on the side handle, it looked odd. As I walked down the sidewalk I kept myself open and alert as I clung to the gun; I took it off the strap and held it up. Better safe than sorry.

The streets were quiet, only the sound of a couple of birds chirping was audible but other than that, there was literally nothing and no one. My street was always full of children playing loudly with their neighbors or their pets while the adults drank beer and stayed by the campfire.

I loved this town... now it's completely different.

As Super-Mart came into view I was on task; I have to get in there, get some food and maybe some meds and then go home. I decided to scope the place out before I went in, so I walked around it a couple of times, peeking into the windows to see if anyone or anything was there.

Hearing nothing and seeing nothing made the anxiety of going into this building a little less, but I'll always have anxiety, look at where the world is right now.

I quietly pushed the door open and walked in, my fingers trembled around the gun as I walked through the store. With each aisle I walked through I grew happier; the candy was gone, but the canned foods were completely untouched. I excitedly pulled my backpack off, set the gun down and started shoving corn, any type of beans, carrots, oats, peanut butter, water, and macaroni into my backpack until it was so full I almost couldn't pick it up.

I shrugged the backpack back on, picked my gun up and began to walk through the store again to look for anything else that might come in handy. I made my way towards the fruits, I missed the sweet, fresh crunch of a ripe apple or the goodness of avocado on tortilla chips; my mouth watered at the thought

I smiled wide when I spotted a bag of Cheetos on the floor, I walked to it and picked it up. Not open. I smiled and shoved it in my backpack. The sound of the bag was loud as it went into my backpack but I didn't care, this was a score; ten outta ten.

My joy was suddenly cut off by a pounding sound, I stopped and looked around swiftly trying to see where the noise was coming from. The room around me was dark due to the lack of lights and windows, the only form of light was from the sun coming in through the glass doors. I slowly walked to the window and stood behind a cash register; I looked out the window but turned around quickly.

I could smell it from here, the metallic smell of blood the rotten smell of ripped flesh and exposed bones. I clamped my hand around my mouth to stop myself from whimpering. It couldn't get in, so why not face my fears...?

I slowly looked back at it again, I watched it slap its fist against the glass, blood spattered on the wall and dribbled down it due to the remaining blood on its hand.

I held my breath as it stood next to the door, the glass door that I had come in through. "Fuck," I grumbled. It could easily step to the right and walked in... stupid thing.

I turned on my heels and made my way towards the back of the building. I pulled out my flashlight and started on through the darkness of the store.

Super-Mart was fairly small, maybe a little bigger than the usual Target store. I walked up to two large black doors that looked as though they would be placed in an asylum to keep the people on the outside safe; its thickness creeped my out but the round, dirty windows centered on the doors scared my even more. I pushed through them and flashed the light around the room as I entered.

It was a long corridor with six doors on each side of the small walkway. The white walls were red with what is probably blood and it oozed down it and onto the floor, following the divots and cracks.

Wearily, I walked through the corridor towards the light of the door twelve feet in front of me. I could feel the breeze from where I was standing, the hair on my skin went up with the breeze then CRASH, I stopped walking and turned around, the loud noise of glass breaking in the other room startled me and I clutched the gun tighter. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, I have to get out of here.

I held my breath and turned around, there's nothing worse than being stuck in a room with a... a thing. I shuffled over a couple of stacked chairs and tables that were shoved messily into the pathway to the door. Something happened here, there's always been history but this... I can feel the energy of what was here.

The hair on my arms and the back of my neck went up then I was tackled to the floor from the back. A strong stench of rotting flesh overwhelmed me as it gripped my hair, I somehow managed to turn around. My hands wrapped around the smelly flesh of its neck as I tried to keep its teeth from any part of my body as it snapped them at me. Completely mindless, my fear got the best of me and I screamed

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!" No one was going to come and save me, for all I know, I'm the only person who's not... one of these things. The adrenaline kicked in and I struggled to pick up the .224. The thing bit the barrel, testing to see if it was flesh, it wasn't. I pressed the trigger and its face exploded, instantly I closed my eyes and turned my face to the side, not wanting to see it and of course not get it on my face. Too late.

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