Chapter 3

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Four years later

My ax sunk into the neck of another one of the Dead. The duck-tape, acting as armor, on my arms stuck to the hairs of my body and ripped them out, the pain was almost worse than when I fell on my knife; I've been through worse though.

You see, you can't just hide from these things. Most of the time they can't hear or see you due to injuries they have, but they are almost always able to smell you; so run away if you can.

Sometimes I come across ones that can hear, so you have to make sure you're quiet and fast enough to get away from them or be strong enough to fight back without getting infected.

People are infected by getting cuts from these things, bites, or through blood or saliva. I've seen even the strongest people go down by these things.

Sometimes you find people camping on the ground in groups, one by one they take shifts at night. There are good and bad types of groups. Each group is different, some steal food, others trade, and others kill and take. Usually, they try to recruit as many people as they can but that never goes well because someone is always trying to be 'alpha-dog'.

Blood splattered across the wall beside the Dead and its body fell limp to the floor with a thump. I stepped over it and continued on with my journey to the pharmacy to get antibiotics... or if there's nothing left I try to find food.

Everything is so scarce these days, even though there is only a small amount of people surviving around the world, food is hard to come by. I could see the pharmacy from where I was walking, the sun beat down on me and I could feel it burning through the gray tape. I can't wait to take this shit off.

I pulled my scarf over my mouth more and fixed my glasses, making sure they wouldn't fall off if something tackled me. I knocked loudly on the glass door and stepped back. I listened quietly for any sounds around me... nothing.

I mentally sighed in relief and cautiously walked in. With my ax in hand, ready to be swung, I looked around skeptically, searching for anything dangerous.


I know, the chapter is short but this is only filler information for what I'm leading up to. Hope you like it so far! Thank you for reading.

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