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Five and I woke up in what I assumed to be Diego's bed. I rolled over to already find Five and Luther talking about something.

"When is it supposed to happen? This apocalypse." Luther asked.

"Five?" I asked, wanting to be updated on their conversation.

"I'm telling him," He answered me before turning his attention back at Luther. "I can't give you the exact hour, but...from what I could gather we have four days left," Five admitted. Noticing my throbbing headache I laid back down onto the pillow and began to listen in.

"Why didn't you guys say something sooner?" Luther asked.

"it wouldn't have mattered," I answered for Five.

"Of course it would," Luther snapped back. "We could've banded together and helped you try to stop this thing."

"For the record, you already tried," Five said.

"What do you mean?" Luther asked.

"We found all of you. Your bodies," Five finally admitted the big truth. The reason why we didn't want them to get involved.

"We die?" Luther asked.

"Horribly," Five answered in a low voice obviously remembering that day long ago. I got up from the bed and sat next to Five taking his hand in mine, giving him a light squeeze. Looking up at Luther, he noticed the hurt in our voice and the pain in our body langue.

"You were together, trying to stop whoever it was that ends the world," I added, looking at Luther's reaction. He looked so scared. Bitting the inside of my lip, trying to hold back my emotions.

"Wait, how do you know that?" Luther asked. Five let go of my hand and reached over his pocket reviling the eye.

"This was clutched in your dead hand when we found you," Five said throwing it towards him. he caught it with ease and examined it. "Must've ripped it out of their head right before you went down," Five said putting the pieces together for him.

"Whose head?" Luther asked.

"Like we said, we don't know," I answered.

"Well, there's a serial number on the back. Think maybe you could try--" Luther began.

"No, that's a dead end," Five cut him off, remembering the burnt down factory.

"It's just another hunk of glass," I huffed as Luther handed the eye back to me.

Suddenly the door burst opens reviling a very mad Diego.

"Piece of shit," he said as he made his way towards us. Luther gets up and turns his attention towards a very pissed off Diego. "Do you have any idea what you two just did?" Diego said as he charged towards us only to be picked up by Luther. Five and I not even moving an inch since Diego is no real threat to me, or him. "Nope, let me--Get your ape hands off of me!"

"I can do this as long as it takes you to calm down," Luther stated. I smirk at very mad Diego in Luther's arms. Suddenly Diego stops resisting,

"Fine." Diego pants before Luther drops him on his feet.

"Now, wanna tell us what you're talkin' about?" Luther asked.

"They have been pretty busy since they got back," Diego said looking at us still sitting on his bed. I raised my eyebrow at the accusation. "They were in the middle of that shootout at Griddy's, and then at Gimble Brothers after the guys in masks attacked the Academy, looking for them!" Diego explained pointing at us with hate in his voice.

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