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Warnings/ none

I (oddly) had a dream about this so I decided to write a story about it

Aidan x Reader


"Everyone, we have a new student!" Your History teacher yelled.

You rolled you eyes, already knowing it was gonna be either some really stupid kid, a popular girl that everyone is gonna swoon over, or a popular guy that everyone is gonna swoon over.

This was the 3rd new student who came into your class and hopefully it was the last.

The class got quiet and you looked up to see a green eyed boy standing next to the teacher. He was dressed casually, with soft looking hair, a jawline THAT COULD CUT A BITCH, and a smirk you probably wont be able to erase from your mind. He looked kind of familiar to you.

"This is Aidan,he is new to the school and I would like it if someone could show him around today, now, Aidan, you can sit anywhere you want. Choose any seat you like"

You watched him as he scanned the room for a seat until he glanced at you, then the seat next to you, and then back at you. He started walking toward you.

At this point your stomach was fucking doing flips and you were on the verge of pissing yourself cause HOLY FUCK thats Aidan Gallagher. It instantly clicked that this wasn't just any 15 year old, this was a fucking FAMOUS 15 year old. You knew you had seen him before and then all of a sudden an episode of Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn popped up in your head. And then, you realized WAIT A MINUTE THIS KID IS ALSO FIVE FROM THE FUCKINGRIDHANOAHEB UMBRELLA ACADEMY.

You were quaking.

He sat down in the seat next to you.

You were trying so hard not to make the redness in your face noticable but at this point you could breathe.

From the corner of your eye you could see him take a notebook and a pencil out of his backpack.

"Hey" he said smoothly

"Hey, uh- hi"

He chuckled.

"A-are you ok, you seem a little-" he touched your shoulder "nervous"

You cleared you throat and straightened yourself out.

"Uh, yeah, I'm alright, I'm just kinda tired"

"hm, ok, uh,... I'm uh, Aidan by the way, you probably already know that but...."

"I'm y/n" you said, quickly regaining your confidence

"Y/n,...that's a nice name"

"Thank you" you smiled nervously

~time skip to the end of class, right before lunch~

"Uh hey, do you want to hang out at lunch? I mean, you're kinda the only person I know." He asked.

"Yeah sure" You oddly felt really comfortable around him and that usually never happens. You walked with him to lunch, and everyone staired. The girls were staring in jealousy, even the guys were jealous that you were walking with him and not them.

To some, you two looked like the perfect couple. See, there is a such thing as a "model couple" and that is when a couple looks so damn good, each of them being so damn beautiful that you they look like a pair of models. That was literally you two. But except the "couple" part.

You blushed as the people looked at you with him. You glanced over to see Aidan smirking.

You two grabbed a lunch and sat down at the lunch tables. You two talked about hobbies, music, TV shows, his career. He was actually very sweet and caring and he had a good head on his shoulders. He seemed to know where he was going in life, something that you didn't even begin think about.

He was the type of person that would open you're mind to things... and you liked that.

Soon the lunch bell rang.

"So, Aidan, what's your next class?"

"Uhhhh, let see.... it's Biology"

"Oof, tough" you replied

"Why do you say that?"

"Cause you are not gonna like that teacher, anyways, I'll walk you over there"

"No,no, no, I'm okay, just get to class, I dont want you to be late." AWWW

"Alright, if you say so" you snickered and said your goodbyes. You began to head to your class until you heard someone say something.


You turned to see Aidan.

"you want to do this again tomorrow?" He asked curiously

"Uh yeah, of course"

"Ok then I'll see you tomorrow" he turned around and started to walk away.

You chuckled and made you way to your next class, hoping that this would become a great friendship, or even more...

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