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The Dangerous Ones has hit one million reads!!!!! I can't believe I'm writing this in all honesty! This is because of you guys,  ALL my readers, the chatty ones, the silent ones, the wild ones (hehehe). To celebrate, I wrote this bonus chapter🥳🥰🥳🥰

A few of you have asked about Mark's and Virginia's wedding and why it wasn't included in the sequel. The real reason was I didn't know if I could write a wedding scene without having it drag on, but then I got the idea to do it from Janine's POV. I hope you like it. It is long, I will warn you. ENJOY! AND THANK YOU ALL AGAIN!👰🏻❤️🤵🏻

Janine watched the hair lady push the comb in above the top twist at the back of her mother's head. Branches of crystal beads spread out from there, floating above the curly waves that hung down her mother's back.

The woman looked over at her. "Your turn, sweetie," she said, smiling as she held up a similar comb. Instead of crystals, it had little white flowers with pearl centers. Janine had helped picked them out. She and her mom had gotten the same hairstyle, a partial upthingy the hair lady had called it, and so she turned and felt the teeth dig in at the exact same spot.

"You two look beautiful," Barbara Sullivan, her grandmother, said softly.

Janine grabbed both sides of her skirt that went all the way to the floor and spread it wide. She could bring her arms straight out like a T and still have room to spare in all the folds. "I feel like a princess."

Her mother turned away from the standing mirror to smile down at her. The wedding dress she wore was kind of the same, just touching the floor, only the skirt part was straight, not as poofy. "Flower girls are princesses." She smiled, and in Janine's mind, her mother had never looked so happy. Even before they had put on the makeup, her face had been bright and joyful.

Her mom turned her attention to her own mom. Brushing a hand over the baby in her tummy, she said, "Should I have waited until after the birth?"

Grandma laughed. "I don't think you could have made that man wait a minute longer." There was a hug, and whispered words were passed between the two of them. Janine had no idea what was being said, but her grandmother had tears in her eyes when she stepped back.

Janine frowned, wondering if it was something about her father, angry that he had suddenly popped into her head. Whatever he'd done, he had hurt her mother badly, and she didn't want to think about him.

Ever again.

Especially not today.

So instead, she pictured Mark and the look on his face the day he had picked her up at the Kellys' house to bring her home. He had asked to speak to her alone. She remembered thinking she had done something wrong, but that quickly changed when he sat her down and asked if it would be okay if he married her mom. Janine had thrown herself into his arms, and her friend had held her for a long, long time until she finally whispered a "yes, please" into the shoulder of his shirt. He'd gone on to explain that she was having a little brother or sister, but that was no surprise. Janine had already figured that one out. She just hadn't told any of them what she knew.

Since then, the three of them had been inseparable, and Janine was counting down the days on her calendar until the baby was due. Only sixty-nine left. She secretly hoped it was a boy, because she'd overheard them talking one night and they were going to name him Simon if it was. She missed Simon soooo much. Maybe it would help if she could tell the baby all about the boy he was named after.

"Do you think the dress is too much?" Janine knew the question wasn't aimed at her, but she glanced over anyway in time to see her mother tugging on the thing like it was itchy or something. "It cost a small fortune. He insisted on the designer. I think it's one his sister knew. Jake somebody or—"

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