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In the Southeast district of Los Angeles,  the reign of the Chilvati family has finally come to an end, and the streets begin to show signs of improvement. But now another menace waits, planning to step in and fill the void.  All the characters are back and the suspense continues in this third installment of The Chilvati Series . . . 


A judge advocate in the Marine Corps, Paul Sullivan has made a name for himself in the courtroom. Now he's been assigned the biggest case of his career, but he's not too happy about the hard-ass FBI partner that comes along with it. Yet when his own family is threatened and she steps in to bait the enemy, Paul is forced to acknowledge deep feelings he didn't expect.

Robbie Westcott is well aware of Paul's voracious drive both as a defense attorney and a lover. Being the type of woman who flies under his radar, she's had to settle on admiring him from a distance—until fate suddenly throws them together. She believes there's a man willing to commit beneath all the denial and swagger, but she'll have to risk more than just a broken heart in order to prove it.

Started September 2018

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