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zero; stuff

[btw my writing was pretty bad at first but it gets better in the next few chapters i think¿??]

hello, just wanted to say a few things before you start reading this, so it'll be great if you take like 63737 seconds to read this x

1. pov

this story will mostly be written in luke's and the main girls pov, but occasionally a thirds pov too

2. hate

if you're gonna hate on this story or whatever, im gonna chop ur head off and then punch ur dog now we don't want that do we? so keep your rude comments to yourself if you have any

3. mistakes

we're all human and we make mistakes blah blah, so if you see a grammatical mistake or if i misspell a word please don't point it out rudely or just ignore it, but if it rlly bothers you just point it out kindly.

4. translations

if you wanna translate this to some other language feel free to ask me, you could ask privately or on my message board whatever floats ur boat. but if you translate without permission ill rage, so ya pls ask first and give credit.

5. dicks

so calum and lucifer will act like total douchebags or pisscouches or any other word for asshole, so idk just don't bash on them too much. you could go like 'omg lucas is dumb af' or whatever but not like super hate and dammit idk how to explain, hope u understand just don't hate them too much, bc they're total sweethearts in reality.

ok so i do not own 5sos and stuff, although it'll be great if i did own them but this story is my idea and if you fkn steal it i will kidnap ur mom and shove ur foot up your ass, so yeah.

once again; i dont own 5sos and they are not rude assholes bc in reality they're four giant dorks that are such goofballs, and enjoY the story.

p.s; im so excited for this story hope you enjoy it x

started; june 2014

completed; -

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