Chapter 8

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When I returned down the metal floors to the center of the building, I could hear loud talking. I watched as the doctor man, Owen, threw something over his computer monitors to Gwen. Toshiko sat at the desk she had before, typing away silently with her glasses atop her nose. Ianto stood as professionally as ever, pouring coffee into a mug from a table. I stared around to look for the one man I was at least slightly familiar with, Jack, but he was nowhere to be seen.

"If you're looking for Jack, he went out," Ianto approached me with a smile. "He'll be back soon. He said to tell you that you can just wait around and find something to do, and that he wants to show you something when he gets back."

My head nodded as I backed off the tiniest bit. "Thanks."

"Have you eaten yet, sweetie?" The black-haired woman gave me a wide smile and a nod. "We've brought some biscuits, if you'd like."

The woman's pale hand reached out to extend a couple of biscuits to me. I hesitated before taking one from her hands with a nod. "Uhm, thanks."

I retreated back down the open hallway to the room I had been staying in. I held the biscuit in my mouth as I slowly shut the door, then sat on the bed again. A deep sigh left my mouth as I leaned my head against the wall behind me. I stared down at the glass floor, and I could see the lights in the hallway underneath shining brightly on the empty walls.

I couldn't find it in me to leave the room throughout the day. There was a small alarm clock near the wall that told me it was nearly two in the afternoon, but I still had only left the bedroom once. I had finished off the drawing I had made of Captain Jack Harkness, and I let it sit in front of my crossed legs on the mattress.

It wasn't until nearly three that the bedroom door opened. A man in a long army jacket and heavy boots stepped right on through. Jack sauntered up close to me with a smile and hands in his pockets. "Heard you've been hiding in here all day. Having fun staring at walls?"


Jack swung side-to-side a little as he leaned forward. One hand pointed to the drawing of him I had made in the sketchbook. "Oh, who's this sexy guy?"

A small smile reached my lips as Jack's hand retracted back to his jacket. He leaned back on his heels with a little nod. "So, ready to come out of here for a while? Maybe say hi to the other people running this place? I've got something I wanna show you."

"Okay," I breathed out softly. I pulled my legs out from under me as I stood, and Jack was already on his way out. 

The man's boots echoed gently on the grated floors as he paraded down to the center of the building again. I slowly followed, hands hiding in the pockets of my jacket. I could see Gwen and Toshiko at their computers, but the other two men had disappeared. 

"I usually do this at night," Jack called a little louder than necessary. I could tell he liked having a little flare of drama. "It makes it... Mmmmm," he hummed, circling his hands as if searching for a word, "A little more mysterious and cool. But this'll do! Stand here, please. Inside the square."

I hesitated before I pulled my feet right next to Jack's, just inside a small square-shaped cut in the grated floor. Jack reminded me a little of Willy Wonka from the old children's book- always amused and dramatic, but a little twisted. I could only hope he didn't have tiny orange men hiding that would come out and sing on a moment's notice. 

The ground shook. A tiny gasp caught in my throat. The cut-out square trembled, and I felt it begin to lift up. My knees buckled a little as the platform shook. I held to Jack's sleeve quickly as the floor beneath us grew farther and farther away. I heard a chuckle come from the man's throat. He still stood straight up, and he placed one hand on my back. I shivered at the sudden touch, then stared straight up. As Jack's hand slowly retreated again, I could see the ceiling opening up.  

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