Chapter 6

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I didn't want to explore the Torchwood building. Not for now, anyway. I only sat on the bed Jack had brought me to, my back against the wall, processing everything that had happened. As if I hadn't already done that for hours. 

But nothing this overwhelming had happened in the past months. Besides the pig-monster attack, the most exciting thing that had happened in the hospital was when me and one of the older teenagers took a mattress flying down three flights of stairs before getting in trouble. He ended up leaving to go back home a couple weeks later. 

It was my curiosity of the pig-monsters that got me up after hours. Most of the building lights were off again, but I could still see through all of the hallways. I stepped out of the bedroom, wandering down the grated floor. I could only assume I was alone, but I wasn't sure if Jack would want to leave me here alone. 

I could still see dim computer screens on from where the other men and women had been working. Careful not to slip on the stairs near rivers of falling water, I held the railing as I stared at screens while coming closer. 

There was a set of screens still completely turned on. The only ones still functioning, I could see lights and places. The three screens were showing security camera views. One was in the hallway I had entered the building from. One was positioned just down the hall from the room I was staying in. And one showed a large room I had never seen. The room was lit, and there seemed to be glass walls lining the stone room. They looked like prison cells. High-tech prison cells.

There was movement in one. My breath caught in my throat as I saw one of the pig-monsters pressed against the glass. It wore the same prison-like uniform all the others did, and it made an awful screeching noise that was muffled by the camera. I could see its yellowing teeth and sharp claws dragging down the glass. 

"We call them Weevils."

I jumped. I sighed as Jack stood next to me, crossing my arms tightly. "You like to appear out of nowhere."

Jack ignored my statement. "That was what you saw in the hospital, isn't it?"

"It attacked a nurse," I nodded. "They said I had just been dreaming, or I had been seeing things again. I used to see them on the streets, too."

"We got rid of it," he stated simply. "It's gone."

"It's gone?"

"The hospital is safe," Jack nodded. "We took care of the Weevil."

"Where do they come from?" I stared at the monster in the camera. It still pressed itself against the glass, making that horrible noise. 

"No idea," Jack announced softly. "They're aliens. That's all we know. We know how to get rid of them, we know they like the underground. We know they're nocturnal, at least on Earth. We know they came from the Rift. That's it."

"The rift? Is that what you were talking about earlier, the rift in time and space?"

"You remember," Jack chuckled. "It's very complicated. We barely even know how it works."

The captain reached over to the computer, pressing a button. Another monitor turned on, showing a blue and white map of Wales. There were red dots scattering in some type of line across it. "This shows our reported Rift activity," Jack pointed. "Attacks, people getting sucked in, people getting pushed out. Aliens coming out."

"People getting pushed out? Like from other times?"

"Exactly," Jack nodded again. "It's more dangerous than you could ever imagine."

Jack's voice was odd. Almost dreamy, like he was thinking about it. Lost in the concept of the Rift. I knew I almost was.

"How'd you find it?"

"We didn't. Torchwood before us did. Torchwood goes back centuries, back to when people could first write. We didn't find the Rift or create it, we just have better technology now to monitor it. We can open it, but that would not be such a great idea."

"I can imagine why," I nodded. There were so many tiny little dots across the line. All of those were people who had gotten hurt or lost or attacked by something that had come in. 

There was silence for a long minute before I turned my head to Jack again. "Shouldn't you go home? I'm not going to go anywhere. I don't even know how."

Jack's smile this time was not the same. It was almost grim. "This is my home."

"This is your home?"

"It's a long story," Jack nodded. "One I'll have to tell you another day. I think you've dealt with enough for now."

I turned back to the computer screens with a small nod. I took one last look at the pig-monster, the Weevil, before I began to step away again. "Good night, Jack."

"Good night, Adelpha."

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