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Oprah is a piece of shit... honestly, truly. That man and his family let you into their homes on multiple occasions and this what you do. You back up proven liars and their false accusations.

If MJ really did those things, the FBI would've gotten him a long time ago when he was under investigation all those years. REMEMBER THAT!

And don't believe neither victims when they say "it's not about money." That's what it's always been about. Wade Robson is broke and had been trying to book MJ related tribute shows, but nothing came together. After that he formed a story and attempted to shop a book deal detailing his alleged abuse. When no one believe him, he got Jimmy Safechuck to say it happened to him as well. There's always more attention when it's more than one and instead of that book deal, they got a documentary...one they said they didn't get paid for, another lie.

If anyone watches this bullshit "documentary", I urge you to do your own research. It's out there. The truth is out there. Always has been.

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