This Random Asf But P Related So...Whatever

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So do any of y'all know Laura Mvula?

Oh, you don't?

She's like this super dope English singer. They played her all the time when I was working in Starbucks back in like 2013, 2014 or something like that. Anyway, she's amazing. Don't just skim past this...listen to this shit. Her voice is incredible.

Anyway, I was just listening to her current album and this song, Overcome. It features Nile Rodgers. Now, Nile is just like....he's fucking everything. Seriously he's just like...fdlfnhfuger8gffhnamd That's how dope he is.

Oh, where was I....

So basically she gave an interview a bit after the sophomore album dropped and of course they asked her about Prince and how she felt about his passing. I forgot to mention, they were friends. He actually went to present an award because she was nominated and he wanted to be the one to hand it to her. But yeah, I remember her saying how she had sent Overcome to Prince once they finished it. She said how he hit her back like "I wanna be on this too." She said she told him nah, it already has one legend on there. It's crazy to have two. Of course, Prince, being Prince, he sent her another email with a file. He recorded on it too. Of course whomever was interviewing her was like are you gonna release it??!

She said she doesn't know if she will. She wanted to keep it to herself for a while and let her album play out on it's own. Then she said maybe sometime in the future...

But anyway, here's Overcome.

Can you even imagine what he added to it? I'm sure it's incredible.

Oh's P playing Green Garden.

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