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AN/ howdy 🤠👊🏻

I love that fist emoji and I really dont know why but 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

Klaus: You two met at a rave. He had some pretty chill dance moves and you could not help to notice that looking at him, the way he moves, made your heart beat a lil faster and your hands get a little sweaty. He was in pure joy, but when he saw you, he knew he just had to talk to you.

Luther: You two met on a mission. You were being held captive by this man, you were scared, terrified even of what this man might do to you, until you saw this big, strong, muscular man barge in and sweep you up like a baby and take you away. He helped you get to the safety of your home. You felt that it was rude to not let him stay after that mission, so you asked and he said yes. He made you feel safe. He felt warm. He made you feel less anxious. You talked for hours and hours until there was nothing else to talk about. He decided to leave and just before he walked out of the door he turned around and said "Will I see you again?"

Five: You two met as children, he was 9 and you were 8. You guys were like....frenemies. You really wanted to be freinds with him, you wanted to play and dance with him, you even wanted him to teach you how to jump through time but he declined everytime. He hated you. oh man. He did not like you at all. He seemed to despise you with every single, little, itty bitty bone in his body, but to be completely honest, he really didn't hate you, HIS LIL 9 YEAR OLD SELF JUST DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A CRUSH SKSKSK.

Vanya: You two met at a rehearsal. You were actually a pretty big fan of Vanya. You really liked her, and you were super excited about playing right next to her, as you played the cello. When she played she looked over to you as your eyes were closed, listening to the orchestra. Man, were you beautiful. She always did that when you weren't looking, and she truly adored you.

Diego: The story of how you two met was actually really interesting. Let's just say he almost killed you when you were running from an attacker and as you ran past Diego he almost "knifed" you. But yeah, he apologized by taking you to lunch. You were mad that he almost killed you, but you forgave him and really enjoyed talking to him.

Allison: you two met on the Red Carpet. You were just simply walking past her when you almost tripped and fell, but luckily she caught you and literally, it was almost love at first sight.

Ben: you two met as ghost. You had actually met him the day he died, and you two have been close every since. You had met klaus as well, as he was the only one that could see you and you three became inseparable.

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