Dearest YN

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My dear YN,

Welcome to this story. I haven't come up with an official title yet, but.... I'll figure it out.

The main love interest in this story is named Cornelius Angelio 'Angel' Cosimo. As always, the main love interest's name starts with an A. I don't know why I like A names so much. Probably since my name starts with an A.

But the main character will never have a 'regular' name, like Adam or Aaron. So far, it's Adler, Aristotle, and Angel. Maybe I should make my next story have a B name.

The alphabet of yanderes.... hmm....

I'll think about it.

Your secondary love interest is Whitney Angeroga. He's a he, and he's sweet. You'll know him when you meet him.

Anyway! I might start another story while I'm here, and the cover I have right now is temporary until the official cover is done. (Thank you, Kaylee!)

Enjoy the story! Don't forget to vote and comment! Also, Angel is an asshole. If I met him I'd punch him across the face and gift him to Aristotle for his basement.

But that's not the point here! Enjoy the story! 😁😁



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