"Thanks wey. Tacos tonight?" I ask manuel

"Maybe my moms has gotten even more strict ever since my cousin, pablo joined a gang. She's scared i will join a gang too." He states with a sighs

" she shouldn't be worried. I wouldn't let you go down that path." I say he smiles and nods his head

"Bye hermanó." Manuel says as i open the door and get out. I say goodbye and walk towards the house. My hand wraps around the knob and i walk inside i am greeted by the large cross and candles on a table with a bible and a rosario.

" hijo." I hear the rough, tired voice of my dad. I walk into the kitchen and see him with a plaid shirt and dark blue jeans paired with his work boots. His clothes is dirty and his face is red from all the sun.

"Hola pa." I say walking to the refrigerator and taking out a cold water bottle.

" hola mijo. go get ready so we can go." He says his mexican accent pouring out. I nod my head and head over to Antonio and I's shared bedroom.

I open the wood door and see Antonio pulling a blue shirt on

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I open the wood door and see Antonio pulling a blue shirt on. I walk over to my old wooden dresser and open it pulling out a gray shirt and old jeans. I quickly get changed, walking out the room and see pa y Antonio waiting for me.

We walk outside to the warm Los Ángeles sun and walk to my Papa's old white truck that he bought when Antonio was born.

I open the old truck door and get in closing it beside me.

I roll down the window and the air blows inside as my dad drives.

"Pa." I hear Antonio call our dad my dad hums as he exits our block.

"Did mom call?" Asks Antonio. My dad shakes his head

"No hijo. So how was the tour of your new school?" He asks the both of us.

"Good." Me and Antonio say in sync.

My mom, María Was deported 3 years ago. She tried to come back 2 times but she and the people with her got caught each time they tried. ICE got her while she was working at an old white rich lady's house. I still remember Antonio and I going to the lady's house when she called and said that they were trying to take my mom. My dad had to stay home because we didn't want him to get taken as well.

I still remember my mama crying and begging in Spanish for them to let her stay. She calmed down but still wouldn't leave the stone porch. The old lady hugged my mom and told them to stop as well but eventually my mom said ok and walked towards us and hugged us for what felt like an eternity and she gave us her blessing and told us she loves us so much. She told us that we are her life and she would return.

"Hijos." Me and Antonio look at our dad, his brown eyes full of tiredness and stress.

"Please. Stay out of trouble." He says to the both of us but i know he is mainly telling me.

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