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We walk out the Building that will now be the preppy school that we'll have to attend, because of all the gangs and shit that was in our side of Los angels. Now we have to go school with a bunch of spoiled kids with rich parents who don't know what struggles or suffering is.

People believe that the Eastside is a place full of cholos and crime but not all of it is. To me its the place my immigrant parents decided to raise me and my younger brother, Antonio so we would grow up with culture, with our mexican culture. The place where everyone on your block knows each other, parties every Friday, chicanos, mexican culture everywhere, parents working all day so that their kids can hopefully one day have a better life but that doesn't always work out but not everyone is complaining because we all love it on our side. East L.A is my home and i would never trade it for anything.

I open the doors of the school and we all exit.
The girl 'Araceli' walks in front of us but takes a turn towards the parking lot.

"Oye ese." Manuel says slinging his arm around my shoulder.

I hum in response as we walk towards his old red Chevrolet. Antonio is beside me his hoodie on covering his figure.

"That girl Araceli." He smirks raising his eyebrow

"That girl. Is probably just another mexican girl trying to be white. So she can fit in." I state

"A coconut." I hear Valentina say behind us.

"You can't just assume things Valentina." Manuel voices.

"Whatever." Valentina responds and continues to talk to Rosa.

Only Antonio and i get in Manuels truck. He turns on the radio making the car fill with the sounds of bad bunny as we drive back to our side.

My finger taps the dashboard as the songs plays.

"Daniel." I hear Antonio call me i turn my head looking back at him.

"Que pasa?"

"We have to go help pa with a yard."

"Oh yeah. Manuel can you drop us off at my House?"I ask looking at manuel who nods and continues to drive till we pass the familiar Virgin mary mural. Manuel turns the corner to our block and stops in front of our small house

 Manuel turns the corner to our block and stops in front of our small house

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"Thanks." Antonio says hopping out the track and making his way to the house.

I turn to manuel

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