Deportation Stories

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-ˏˋ ILLEGAL ˎˊ-by á!
✎ chensung ! ☏ - where the son of two leading deportation executives falls for an immigrant. started ↠ 2019.10.01 ended ↠ 2019.17.07
Starlings On My Windowsill by AndiJ37
Starlings On My Windowsillby AndiJFeron
Sixteen year old Eloise Harding dreams to rise into the sky and become the youngest person to ever go into space. In order to accomplish this she has to win an essay con...
The Players Game by _callmemonia_
The Players Gameby St. Mary Made✨
"Do you love me?" She said with tears flowing down her face. "Yes, baby I love you." He exhaled heavily, rubbing his face up and down. "But d...
The Proposal (Emison) by Alisonsmexypieterse
The Proposal (Emison)by Cole.cc64
Faced with deportation to her native Canada, high-powered book editing company owner Alison Dilaurentis says she's engaged to marry Emily Fields, her hapless assistant...
Party Of F̶i̶v̶e̶ Six by eliza91d
Party Of F̶i̶v̶e̶ Sixby all PAYNE no LIAM.
Follow the life of 6 siblings, who are separated from their parents and now have to look after one another.
Jacob's Story (Holocaust) by Real_AllAboutFnaf
Jacob's Story (Holocaust)by mostly inactive
Jacob Metzger is a normal 16 year old boy living on a farm with his mother, father, brothers, and sisters in 1944. Jacob's life is like a routine; a routine that's just...
Death Flower (Holocaust) by aftonroboticsinc
Death Flower (Holocaust)by LJ
Hadara Henzl is an average teen girl living in Hungary in 1944 with her mother, father, sisters and brother. Then one day in March of that year, Hadara's world is flippe...
OUR ADVENTURE  by pinkcupqake
Daniel Torres and a Some of his friends from east LA are switched to a preppy school that Araceli Gonzalez goes to. Daniels school shuts down because there was to much...
Favorite Crime || Shawmila [Completed] by MilaCamendes
Favorite Crime || Shawmila [ Mila Camendes
The things I did just so I could call you mine... *Short story
Dance Revolution by rachelle60
Dance Revolutionby rachelle60
Caria's world as a dancer get turned on it's head when her ex-boyfriend Santiago Lopez comes back into town. But what will happen when they get partnered up for the end...
Argonutron & Great Britain by kaywander
Argonutron & Great Britainby Alix
Dictator Ron Snow Trump has token over the whole word. He had made a deal with Great Britain, giving them all of europe. The main Character, Haylee, must discover how to...
Trapped by mugcake1
Trappedby Mugcake1
I remember we used to eat 3 meals a day. That was before the war started. Now we hardly even eat a meal. It's April 8th 1942 and we've been stuck in the Warsaw Ghetto, P...
My Struggles (Mis Luchas) by Kompa_Manuel
My Struggles (Mis Luchas)by J.M.N.P
The struggles and problems of a Zooéxican Fox living in the the city of Zootopia.....being called a "Wet Back" and "Green Collar".....he trys to make...
Deported//au Cecilia X Homeboy by xmynamesbre
Deported//au Cecilia X Homeboyby bre
the story of a girl in love with a foreign boy, only to find out that her love won't last forever. a/n : i refrain myself from using capital letters, they disgust me.
My truth  by sophiejack12
My truth by sophiejack12
I'm just explaining what's going on in my head and my life I have no one els to tell so I might as well do this
Aiding & Abetting by nonotlikeicarly
Aiding & Abettingby nonotlikeicarly
Tom was surprised when the new girl Annalise took interest in him, only to find out her dad needed him to help with murder. // This story is copyright. No part of this m...
SKYRAIDEN - Mars 2134 by ArkSolJedi
SKYRAIDEN - Mars 2134by Marko Van Yeti
Worlds evolve faster than you expect and society may reach a scale that no one could imagine or predict. In the year 2100 Earth's population reaches over 15 billion. The...
The Burden of Blood by 13thsin
The Burden of Bloodby 13thsin
I was trying. I was sick of trying. My life was nothing but trying. Trying and pleasing. Please the pack, please the school, please my father's memory. There was no room...