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^Third Person^

The bell rang, signalling it was next period. Everyone handed their tests up to the front, giving them to Aizawa for him to mark. They all stood up and went into their little groups, chatting about all kinds of subjects as Aizawa left. Izuku walked over to Ochaco, Tsuyu and Tenya, joining their conversation.

"Hey Deku-kun! How'd you think you went on the test? I'm pretty sure I failed completely." Ochaco said with a sad sigh at the end.

"Don't say that! I'm sure you did fine!" Tenya exclaimed, robot hands flying.

'I'm sure you did good. Don't doubt yourself,' Izuku signed out. 'I'm sure everyone did.'

"Thanks for the optimism. But I'm still not so sure." Ochaco replied as she scratched her cheek.

"I agree with Midoriya, kero." Tsuyu added, patting her friend's shoulder.

A few minutes later and Present Mic slammed open the door, yelling out, "SIT DOWN EVERYONE! IT'S TIME FOR ENGLISH!"

*Time Skip to lunch*

The bell rung, signalling it was lunch time. Stretching his arms, Izuku stood up and left with everyone else in his class. They reached the cafeteria, bought their lunch and founds seats with their friends, chatting up a storm.

'Who's excited for next period? We get to start our hero training!' Izuku signed out, a huge smile spreading across his face.

"Heck yeah! I can't wait!" Ochaco exclaimed, excitement radiating off her as she fist bumped the air.

"We'll get to wear our hero costumes too, kero." Tsuyu commented.

Suddenly, the alarms blared off all around them, filling the cafeteria. But it could barely be heard over the screams and shouts of the students rushing to get out. The split groups of 1-A students all jumped up, hastily making their way over to the cafeteria exit surrounded by a storm of other students. Izuku got pressed up against the glass, being squished against it by the flood of teens. He scanned outside, seeing the media press barging onto school grounds. Pro heroes tried to push them back out, but more reporters swarmed in. Izuku tapped the closest friend he could, that being Tenya. As he turned to Izuku, the greenette pointed outside at the media press. Clicking in, Tenya turned to Ochaco and asked her to float him up above all the other students. In the air, he blasted to the exit sign where everyone could see.

"Everyone calm down! It's only the media press. Don't freak out. Now make your way out in an orderly fashion!" He called out, calming the students down.

After all the hassle, the media press was shoved out and security measures were back up. Classes were back in session, meaning 1-A has All Might for heroics class.

"I'M COMING IN LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!" All Might exclaimed as he slammed the door open, entering defiantly not normally. "Now then! Everyone grab your hero costumes and suit up! It's time for your first heroics class!"

Suit cases sprouted from the walls, each with a corresponding seat number on them. As All Might left, the 20 students all grabbed their suit cases and headed to the changing rooms.
They changed pretty quickly, heading out and over to a fake city. All Might went over the rules of the exercise, pairing everyone up. Team A and D went up first, team A as the heroes and team D as the villains. The remaining students and teacher headed into a monitoring room, seeing the two teams on different screens.

"You have 5 minutes to formulate a plan. Team D, hide the bomb anywhere you'd like." All Might instructed through a microphone.

Izuku whistler over all kinds of birds: ravens, magpies, cockatoos, even a hawk. He instructed them through whistles to check every window when the timer starts for the bomb. He turned to Ochaco who was watching carefully.

'Once the birds find the room the bomb is in, I need you to go and get it. Kacchan will be coming after me so don't worry about him. But don't let Iida know where you are.' He signed out, earning a nod in response.

"Time starts now! You have 10 minutes!" All Might said, the heroes rushing inside the building.

The birds flew around the windows, peering in all of them to find the bomb. Katsuki ran down the hallways, heading down the stairs and straight for Izuku. Once found, he thrust out his arms and set of huge explosions, shaking the building a little. Izuku and Ochaco both dodged to the sides. They nodded to each other, Izuku leaping off the ground and straight at Katsuki as Ochaco headed straight for the stairs.

"You're not gonna win Deku!" Katsuki yelled out, exploding Izuku's right shoulder and rib.

He flung Izuku back, hitting the wall. He jumped back, calling upon Shirō who appeared on his shoulder. A light green glow surrounded the two as Izuku leaped into the air, floating them. A few whistles and both he and Shirō kicked off the air. Izuku held his fist up, Shirō diving low. Katsuki outstretched a hand, explosions setting off and hitting Izuku directly. Acting unfazed, Izuku puncher Katsuki in the face, Shirō going up behind the blonde and whipping his hard, sharp tail across his head. Kicking Katsuki down, they both leaped back as explosions filled their visions.

"Stop playing around and get serious. You can't be this weak." Katsuki taunted, a large smirk spread across his face as he grabbed the pin on his gauntlet, aiming it at the greenette.

"Young Bakugou! Stop right now! Don't fire that!" All Might's booming voice called through the ear pieces.

"He won't die if he dodges!" Katsuki pulled the pin, giant explosions firing out of the gauntlet.

Izuku called upon the strength of a rhino, curling in on himself as he braced for the impact. He was flung back, burns littering his arms and legs as he landed against the back corridors wall. It was bright and painful. He opened an eye, pushing himself out of the crater his created. He whistled, confusing Katsuki till a bright light enveloped him, squeezing him. Shirō was the cause of this, trapping Katsuki where he was. Izuku walked over and pulled out his captor tape, wrapping the blonde up with a smile on his face.

'You're right. I wasn't being serious. But, I don't want to kill either of us, okay?' Izuku signed out, patting the blondes head before running off, Shirō disappearing.

Katsuki sat there in silence, the greenette's footsteps fading in the distance. "So he still doesn't have full control. Let's hope that the same event doesn't happen again. F*cking brutal."

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