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-_- Aizawa's P.O.V -_-

"Hey kid. You're coming with me." I said, staring down at a little greenette who seems to be age 8.

He looked up at me with huge green eyes, carrying a small white dragon in his arms. A caretaker came over and bent down an said a few things to the greenette who nodded in return. They stood back up and faced me with a smile.

"Hello Mr. Aizawa." They greeted.


"This is Izuku Midoriya. He's 8 years old and has a quirk called 'tame' which allows him to tame pretty much all animals. Only drawback is that if there animals feel pain, he will too. He's quite smart for his age, but, he's a mute. If he does end up speaking, it'll be in a harsh whisper. If you wish to adopt him, please fill out this form." They explained, handing me a form.

I took it with a nod and filled it out before handing it back.

"Thank you sir. I expect you'll take good care of Izuku. Have a good day!"

I held out my hand to the kid who took it, his dragon disappearing. I said my goodbyes as I left the orphanage. Why was I here? I was looking for a kid I could train. Someone who could keep me company while I'm at home. Yamada does a terrible job with him being so loud all the time. This kid should do the trick. He's quite, smart and even cute. I'm not one to really say something like that, but, he is. We headed to my car and hopped in. I started it up and drove off.

"Hey kid. You got a way to communicate?" I asked, turning a corner.

Izuku nodded as he did sign language, signing 'yes'. I nodded back as I pulled up at my house. We got out and headed up to my house. Yamada was gone so we could finally have some peace and quie-


'Ugggghhhh...' "What are you doing here, Yamada? You're suppose to be working." I sighed.

"Yeah, well, I decided to come back. Is that so wrong? CAN'T I SEE MY BUDDY OL' PAL?!" Present Mic screeched, cashing me and Izuku to cover our ears.

"Shut up for once. Let's go Izuku." I said, taking Izuku in passed Yamada.

"And who's this?" Yamada asked, looking down at Izuku and ruffling the kids hair.

"His name's Izuku Midoriya. I just picked him up from the orphanage." I explained as Izuku hid behind my legs.

"He's quite cute. Is that why you picked him? I never thought you'd be the cute loving type." Yamada chuckled, crouching down to Izuku's level.

"No, that's not why I picked him. I wanted someone to keep me company. Someone quiet." I said.

"He does seem quiet. I haven't heard a thing from him. Not even a peep." Yamada said, pinching Izuku's cheeks.

"He's a mute. That's why." I said.

"Oh. That's too bad," Yamada let go and stood back up. "Well, I'm off to work. SEE YA LATER!!"

He left with a screech, leaving Izuku and I there. I took him inside to the lounge room.

"So. What do you wanna do?"

*Time Skip 7 years*

"Izuku! You done yet?" I called, entering his room.

I found Izuku struggling with his tie. With a sigh, I walked over and helped him fix it. He gave me a smile in thanks. His white dragon appeared perched on his shoulder, nuzzling his face.

He's learned how to gain different aspect of the animals he takes. Such as using a dogs sense of smell, or cheetahs speed. He'd also learnt how to tame more animals at once, so he could use multiple animal aspects at once.

"Let's go. We don't have that much time." I said, leaving the room.

He followed me as we left the house, hopping in the car. I started the car and drove off to the school. We made it to U.A. as I parked the car. We got out and headed inside. Izuku's dragon vanished as we entered class 1-A.

"Take your seats everyone. Class is in session," I said as everyone took their seats. "I'll be your homeroom teacher Aizawa. Now then, everyone change into their P.E. clothes and meet me out on the field."

I walked out of the classroom and down the halls, outside of the school to the training fields. I waited about 10 minutes till they finally showed up.

"Now that everyone's here, we'll be doing some endurance tests. The person at the bottom will be expelled." I said, causing some students to freeze.

The only one still smiling is Izuku. Only cause he knew it was just to get people to use their all. I wasn't actually going to expel anyone. At least, not yet anyway.

(Everyone is the same in the Anime besides Izuku. Here are the scores for him in each test.
50m Dash: 5.4secs
Grip Strength: 124.6
Standing Long Jump: *it never said how far, so, he just crossed it*
Repeated Side-Step: *also doesn't say but...* 174
Ball Throw: 710.02m)

I looked at the score board, seeing Mineta in last.

"Oh no. Now I'm going to be expelled!" He said.

"No one's getting expelled today. I just needed to see your full potential." I said.

Almost all the students were staring at me dumbfounded. All except Izuku and Momo. Izuku was giggling away as Momo as saying how she knew.

"Now then. We still have about a quarter hour till lunch. Change back and you all can get the rest of the period free. Don't disturb me." I walked away, back to the classroom where I climbed into my yellow sleeping bag and fell asleep.

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