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Itachi and Shisui couldn't help but snort at the scene. Sasuke had (Y/n) in a baby harness as he was fighting with Fugaku over some clan requirements. The young infant was looking bored as hell, looking at her two uncles. She looked like she was asking for help.

"Sasuke, maybe you should give her to me. She looks very-" Itachi couldn't finish his sentence before Sasuke snapped, looking his brother straight in the eye.
"Don't tell me how to take care of my daughter Itachi. You barely ever see your kids."

Papasuke was angry, and he totally roasted his older brother.

"I'm calling Naruto." Mikoto muttered, facepalming as she watched her two sons argue.
"That poor girl..." both Shisui and Izumi said.

(Y/n) still looked really bored. Someone help her.

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