Baby (Y/n).

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"H-How did you guys actually..." Sakura stared at Naruto as he held a tiny baby in his arms. A tuft of black hair and three little whisker marks on her face, she whimpered, clutching Naruto's shirt in her tiny fists.
Of course she would be confused, they were both men after all.

"It's a long story. Basically we used a jutsu, and here she is." Sasuke said uninterested in Sakura's sudden astonishment. He was too busy trying to get Naruto to hold their daughter correctly.
Grabbing the girl in his arms, Sasuke rushed Kakashi, Sakura, and Itachi out of the house, only giving them the excuse of it being time for (Y/n) to go to sleep.


Yeah, she was pretty happy they were gone too, they were really loud and annoying.

"Time to sleep, Lil Dumpling!" Naruto said excitedly, plopping on his bed.
"Stop calling her that, you idiot." Sasuke whacked his husband over the head.

(Y/n) was already fast asleep, cuddling into Sasuke's chest.

(OKAY, YOU'RE A LIL VERSION OF MENMA! Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed this chapter!)

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