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once harry got the alert that you were sick; he dropped everything and tried to get home as soon as possible. it was quite hard to though. fans surrounded his car while he was trying to leave. he groaned knowing he's not going to be with you sooner than he thought. he felt wrong or rude to do this but he slid down his window and waved at some fans, "hi lovies! it's so so so nice to see you guys. thank you so much for you coming out to see me. but i have a bit of a issue. see the missus is quite sick and i need to go to her quickly. and i mean this the nicest way possible, but could you guys just take a few steps back. i don't want to harm any of you guys. will break my heart. please lovies, would you guys do that for me?" the fans all nodded and blew him kisses. they all took a few steps back, so he could drive away.
"thank you so much sweethearts! forever grateful. i love you all! thank you for coming!"
he finally drove away while blowing kisses at them.
he loved his fans dearly, he did.
but he had to make sure his baby was okay.

but he had to make sure his baby was okay

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