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Cullen Babies

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Hey guys I was looking over several comments and I have decided to officially go back and edit my Cullen Babies story. I had the letter "I," not even capitalized, it was terrible. So I am going to help everyone and try and fix this...monstrosity. I do not own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does. 

Bella pov

            I walked quietly through our home, the soft sound of fire crackling sounded in the background. I could hear a bird outside in the distance, and Edward down the hall. Slowly I made my way around the room, dusting things here and there before placing them back. In the center of the far living room wall, sat the fire place. The marble mantle help several pictures of myself and my family. I carefully graded the gold incrusted picture frame, it held the picture of Edward, Renesme, and I. It was taken back when Renesme looked only four, even though she was only three months old. She grew up so fast, I thought to myself as I sighed and set it down. 

            Strong arms wrapped up behind me and his breath blew a few strands of my hair across my face, causing, even after all these years, a shiver to slip it's way up my spine. 

"She's all grown up now." I mumbled and leanded agenst him, his big hands sliding down my stomach and resting heavily on my sides. 

"I know. Two days ago she was Renesme Carlie Cullen and now she's Nessie Black...if you want me to I will kill him." Edward offered lightly, a small smile hidden behind the sarcasm. I simply laughed and turned to face him. I pressed a small kiss against the side of his mouth, it still amazes me that even  after 20 years I still can't get enough of him. I gave a small smile and slid my arms up and under his.

"Lets play a game" I whispered and started pulling him towards the bedroom. He growled softly and let me lead him into the room and push him down onto the bed. The buttons on his shirt ripped apart soft with every pull.

"What?" He groaned as I kissed and bit my way down the side of his neck. I felt my eyes flash black as a new hungry began to claim my mind. I straightened up suddenly and pulled off my shirt in one fluid motion, my dark lacy bra acting like a beacon against my pale smooth skin. His hands trailed up my stomach, stopping slightly to graze against the underside of my chest. 

"Lets play a wishing game," I whispered back and reached back to unhook the clasp. Edward let out a small growl as I leaned back down and reclaimed the side of his neck. 

"Ok, you go first," he sighed and ran his fingertips up my back. Leaving a trail of fire that only he could extinguish. I let out a high pitched whine as he flipped me over and made his way down the front of my chest, stopping at the top of my jeans. 

" want p-pancakes" I stumbled out and felt his chuckle against my hipbones. He licked a path slowly across the exposed skin before sliding the zipper of my jeans down. 

"Bella, love. I can honestly say that there it something else that I would rather enjoy more than pancakes." A nervous laugh slipped through my teeth as Edward started to slowly slip my jeans down my legs, leaving a trail of kisses every so often. 

"Your...your turn." I gasped out as my jeans finally left my skin, Edward slinked up and kissed me full on the lips, looking into my eyes he simply rolled his. 

"Let me guess, you want another baby" He said jokingly before he again began to kiss down my stomach. I laughed nervously and licked my lips. Edward frozen at my hip and sat up quickly, he eyes boring into mine. A frown found its way to his face and he cupped my face in his palm, his thumb rubbing over my cheek. 

"Bella." He sighed.

Ok, so I hope you like this new and improved edit, the last one was appalling and I apologize for that. I'm sorry it has been of long since I last updated, but hopefully this newly remastered chapter made up for it, thanks for reading, you guys are amazing! -Last edited May 19, 2016.  

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