Cullen Babies

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hey guys i went back to see how i was when i first started and i was like................did i write this? so i'm going ti edit the story so..........enjoy! P.S i do not own twilight, Meyer is the one who owns it.

bella pov

            i dusted off the pictures of my family and smiled when i seen the one of edward, renesme, and I. She grew up so fast I sighed and set it down next to the one of renesme when she first  graduated high school, she was crying as jacob stood next to her in his matching cap and gown........we talked to him about how he looked to old to be in nessies class, did he listen?................. nope.

            Strong arms wrapped up behind me and his breath blew a few strands of my hair across my face,

"She's all grown up now" i mummbled and leanded agenst him,

"yeah, two days ago she was Renesme Carlie Cullen and now she's Nessie Black........i'll kill him" I laughed and turned to face him. His beauty still amazes he after 20 years i still cant get enought of him.

"lets play a game" i said and hugged him back swaying a little.

"what" he mummble and kissed my forhead

"lets play a wishing game" i whispered back as he carried me to our room and layed me down as he propped up on his elbos.

"ok, you go first" he sighed and played with my fingers,

"you want pancakes" he chuckled.

"yeah and you want another baby" i stoped breathing and sat up ripping my hand from his. He sat up slowly, and put his hands on my sholders. 'bella............"

so i hope you guys like the edited chapter i'll try and work on the others soon :)