self what

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me: nearly a year clean starting to love myself

mom: oh wow you have a belly now? (her exact words were nagkakabelly ka na)

me: oh fuck

pms: hah you think thats bad have bad anxiety again uwu

me: whaT—


i have no bloody idea why, but my mom likes to make these offhanded comments when she thinks im doing things too slowly. and i prefer to take things slow bc a) every time i rush i panic and b) bad anxiety kicks in and when i dont control my anxiety (particularly in front of my mom) bc it's ridiculously unhealthy and part of why i was so negative for the longest time c) she says im overreacting and when i tell her it's serious and i need help she d) makes another offhanded comment which worsens the bloody situation and it repeats for a grand minimum of three hours woo bloody hoo

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